Thursday, March 11, 2021

March 2021 Mood Board

It feels good to have blog posts go up one after the other and at a normal time in the morning! After feeling little motivation to write, I decided to focus instead on finding inspiration to encourage me. This is something I often do, and I’m thankful Pinterest and Instagram’s saved folders exist as a place for me to store what I find. Like many people, I am often inspired by the seasons, and spring on the horizon has brought about all kinds of colorful inspiration on Instagram. 

I had every intention of sharing a February mood board similar to the January Moodboard I had previously shared, but time got away from me. Hopefully, this one I made for March can make up for that! These are all shots I have seen over the past months that made me think of March, and when finally looking at them all together, it’s clear that I’m ready to wear some of my favorite colors in their more pastel shades. It’s also becoming evident to me that maybe I should keep pretty paper and fabric scraps around to play with because those sorts of images tend to stop me while scrolling. 

Whether you use this post as inspiration of your own, your desktop background, or a way to discover new people to follow on Instagram, I hope it’s a bright spot in your day! 

bracelets and mask // perfectly branded cheese // aqua entryway table // dresses in my favorite color // custom invitation suite

embroidered blouse // blue curtains with green details // lime color scheming // pink bedroom // black and white with rattan slippers // antique candy bowls

dining room with topiaries // pink watercolors on a blue backdrop // perfectly made bed // we are all students lobby // neutral exterior // sunglasses on ikat fabric // bookshelf styled // pink and green fabrics // blue hanging maxi dress

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