Friday, April 17, 2020

What I Wish I Were Wearing Part 2

It truly feels like a miracle to be getting this post live. I have never struggled so much to focus on one task in my life, as it feels like I have been with blog posts this week. My to-do list and I seem to be at odds, and I am very excited that it is Friday! Hopefully, the weekend will be just the reset I need to get back in the groove of things next week when it comes to productivity. Fortunately, I am only feeling in a funk when it comes to productivity and not everything else at the moment, so that feels like a win. After sharing my What I Wish I Were Wearing post last week, getting good feedback, and still wishfully envisioning the day when I stand in my closet finally deciding what I want to wear again, I am sharing a second version here for y’all including some new locations. If you didn’t see the original post be sure to check that out here, otherwise, you can shop these outfit ideas using the text beneath each image! 


Dinner Date


Farmer's Market

Where's the first place you're hoping to get dressed up to go once this is all over? 

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