Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Step Into My Week 4.14

I took my own advice from last week and wrote this week’s Step Into My Week post day by day, hopefully making it more interesting for y’all even though I’m not doing too much that is interesting at home. This week the goal will be to take more pictures! 

On Monday, I started my day as I usually do with coffee and breakfast in bed while having some quiet time (I’ve been reading these three devotionals – New Morning Mercies, Bob Goff, and Seamless). I then made my bed and moved to my desk to work through some emails, schedule and reschedule meetings, and pull inspiration photos for a shoot. I ate my lunch outside and read for a bit before getting back to work. I had a conference call in the afternoon that I took outside and then went for a walk before showering, making dinner, and watching The Circle (which can only be defined as trash television). I went to bed around 9:30 and had the hardest time falling asleep. 

Tuesday was rainy, which felt like it put a damper on my productivity. I had a conference call in the morning and created a photo worksheet to send out to that team for the shoot that happened the following day. Usually, I am much quicker at making those, but I am finding it hard to focus on one thing at a time when working from home. After working through that and taking another phone call, I made lunch and this recipe for dessert. I got some more work done in the afternoon before helping a friend build a grill and eating dinner. 

I had to go into the office on Wednesday for a photoshoot for one of our July/August issues, which lasted until around 1:00. This was the last of those shoots that I’ll likely have to do for a while since our company was only doing photoshoots for things that had to ship to the printer in the next couple of weeks. I came home afterward, ate lunch, and worked on pulling products for future photoshoots in the afternoon. I finished my bible study reading after that, made dinner, and then my roommate and I logged onto Zoom for our weekly bible study with our friends. As much as I wish we could all be together for these, I am so glad that we are still able to get together virtually every week. 

Thursday morning was the same ole same ole although I only had to work a half-day since we usually have our half days on Friday, but we were given that as a vacation day due to Good Friday. I finished working a little after noon and made myself lunch. Later on, the plan was to play tennis, but all of the courts were locked, which makes sense. So instead, I went for a drive and got ice cream with the only friend aside from my roommate I’ve seen during this time. We eventually ate dinner and watched a movie before I called it a night.

Since I had Friday off, I did a workout on my back deck after waking up and then went for a long walk while talking on the phone with a couple of friends. Later I showered, watched some Netflix, and then made cocktails with my roommate for our Friday night walk. We came home and put on our pajamas and made dinner before watching the newest episode of Little Fires Everywhere. We were both in bed pretty early for a Friday, but that seems to be part of our new normal.

I went into Saturday with few plans, and it ended up being a fun day. The weather was beautiful, so a friend and I were going to go rollerblade, but I was the only one who actually had rollerblades. Instead, we hung lights on my friend’s porch and played card games for a long time and then ping pong. In the afternoon, Rebecca and I had a facetime date with our friend Allie. It was so nice to catch up with her since it has now been a month since we all last saw one another. Later on, we grilled out and had a laid back Saturday night. 

Sunday morning, I woke up early so that I could make the drive to Fairhope for Easter. I hadn’t been initially planning to go home for the holiday since I am doing my best to follow the shelter in place guidelines but ultimately ended up going. The drive was easy, and I made it around noon before the storms started coming in. We had lunch together as a family, took a nap in the afternoon, and then celebrated Easter at dinner. It was so nice to see my parents, brother, and sister in law after feeling uncertain about when I would see any family again. After everyone went to bed, my mom and I stayed up talking for a while before we decided to finally call it a night.

I apologize that this didn’t go up yesterday, but hopefully, you’re equally as excited to see it today! If you have any blog post requests, feel free to leave them below for me.

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