Monday, April 20, 2020

Step Into My Week 4.20

It is sad how hard it is for me to sit down and actually recap my weeks as of late. This week I didn’t follow my own advice from last week’s Step Into My Week post when it came to writing it as I went. Maybe next week! 

You may remember that I decided at the last minute to go home for Easter, which meant that my Monday started with a 4-hour drive back to Birmingham with a special passenger in tow. Part of the reason I went home for Easter was to kidnap our family dog, Scout, for the week. Since I worked from home every day this past week, I was able to convince my parents to let me babysit Scout in Birmingham. She made the week a lot of fun, and maybe if stay at home orders continue to last, I’ll bring her back for another week in the future. I got back to Birmingham before lunchtime and was able to be pretty productive in the afternoon. When 5:30 came around, Scout and I went on a walk before coming back home for a 7:00 Zoom call. Once that was said and done, a friend and I had curbside pickup from Saw’s and watched The Parent Trap.

Tuesday morning started with me taking Scout on a walk before getting to work. We got into the habit of walking again around lunchtime and then after I signed out for the night around 5:00. I can’t even remember what I did on Tuesday night, which means I probably did nothing and went to bed early. Wednesday was very similar, filled with walks for Scout and me and work in-between. Wednesday night, we had our virtual bible study that ended around 9:00. Thursday was a lot of the same as well, although that night I cooked with a friend and played clue for a while before eventually heading home. I was woken up around 2:00 that night./morning by Scout throwing up all over my duvet, which was a bummer, but she seemed to be feeling fine once all that got cleaned up. 


I was super productive on Friday, which felt really good after feeling like I lacked focus the rest of the week. After taking Scout on a lunchtime walk, I grilled out and played scrabble with a friend before taking Scout on yet another walk. This time we went to Jemison, which pretty much rounded out the locations of where all I wanted to take her. My roommate and I have had the Friday night tradition of making a cocktail and taking it with us on a walk, and we kept that tradition going before watching the newest episode of little fires everywhere when we got home. We went to sleep shortly after that finished. 

Saturday morning was overcast and cold, so I bundled up for one last walk with Scout before meeting my dad halfway to deliver her back to her rightful owners. The drive was easy, and in the meantime, it warmed up and the sun came out, which was nice. I went to a friend’s parent’s pool until around 6:00 before heading home to shower to grill out that night. We played a few board games and started National Treasure before all calling it a night. 

I did pretty much nothing on Sunday aside from watch movies, fold my laundry, make dinner, and watch Netflix’s new show, Outerbanks, with my roommate. It was rainy, which made it the perfect day to do just that. My lights were out, and I was asleep before 8:30, which was the earliest I’ve gone to bed in a while! 

I hope y’all had a nice week and weekend and are doing well as we enter into week 6 of working from home and social distancing! 

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