Monday, April 27, 2020

Step Into My Week 4.27

I woke up on Monday morning refreshed after going to bed so early on Sunday night. I got myself semi-ready for the day since I had a video conference that morning and was convinced that maybe that would help me to be a bit more productive than last week. After the video conference, I worked on a photo worksheet to send out to a team and worked on pulling props for future shoots while sitting outside. I took a break for lunch and then continued to power through work in the afternoon. Once I had finished for the day, I caught up on the phone with my friend Macy and then went on a walk while talking on the phone to Nell. I did an online true40 workout and then had a very laid-back Monday night spent cooking some food for the week before going to bed relatively early.

I had to be at the office on Tuesday for a food shoot that lasted until around 2:00. After that, I came home and changed into comfy clothes to work outside for a while before hopping on zoom to celebrate my friend Mary’s birthday before getting ready for a quarantine birthday dinner that night. That lasted most of the night and was complete with cake, so there’s not much else to report from my Tuesday other than going to bed a little bit later than usual.

Wednesday, my room was my office yet again, and given the fact that it was pretty rainy, that made it sort of hard to stay motivated. I was able to get some stuff accomplished in the morning and had a good phone call with my boss in the afternoon, but overall wasn’t as productive as I had hoped I’d be. I was supposed to go on a walk that, Once I was done working for the day, Nell and I facetimed while I made myself dinner, and then our friends hopped on a zoom call for a nice catch-up session. I read for about an hour before bed and am hoping to make a better habit of that in the coming weeks. 

Thursday morning, I woke up to our house being without power due to a storm the night before. Overall this wasn’t a huge deal given that I didn’t have to get ready to be somewhere, but it did lead to me realizing that there wasn’t a ton of my job that could be done without access to wifi and a little bit of fuel in the form of coffee. After doing what I could from our dark house, I ventured out and got coffee from Church Street Coffee and Books in Crestline before coming home to excitingly discover that the power was back. I spent the remainder of the morning crossing so many things off of my to-do list, which felt especially rewarding. I think changing up where I was working helped since I opted to work at our dining room table instead of my desk. I was shocked when lunchtime rolled around much earlier than it felt! I spent the afternoon continuing to try to be productive and eventually shower. That night was the NFL draft, so I made dinner with a friend and pretended to be interested in it while watching before heading home. 

Since work doesn’t start for me until 8:00 on Friday, I slept in a little bit before SUCH a productive morning. I was a bit concerned since my to-do list seemed pretty lengthy for only working a half-day, but luckily, I got most of it done before shutting down for the weekend. I made myself lunch and baked some cookies in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon walking some mountain biking trails near my house that I had heard about but never explored. Rebecca and I participated in our weekly booze cruise and then decided to get takeout for dinner as a treat while watching the last episode of Little Fires Everywhere. I’m bummed that the season/series is over but loved having it to look forward to each week.

Saturday morning, I got up around 8:30, made breakfast, and got ready to play tennis with a friend. We played for about two hours, and somehow, I only lost by one game once we called it quits. We picked up lunch from Chick-fil-a and then got ready to go to the pool at a friend’s parent’s house. We stayed there until sometime past 5:00, and I went home to shower before we all made dinner together. We played a couple of card games and Mario Kart before calling it a night.

I slept in on Sunday morning and went and got Crestline Bagel for breakfast before spending an embarrassing amount of time watching Chopped. Eventually, I did some laundry, showered, talked on the phone with my parents, and worked on some blog posts. We picked up sushi to-go for dinner, played some scrabble, and I think I was in bed and reading by 9:30, making it a restful Sunday. 

I hope that y’all are still making the most of your time at home and are continuing to remain healthy!


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