Thursday, April 16, 2020

10 Things I'm Loving Lately

I feel like I am in a blog productivity funk. Maybe that would explain the fact that I’ve only had one post go live this week, but ever since starting to do my regular job from home, I’ve found it so much more challenging to sit down, focus, and write new posts. I’ve done my best to keep things pretty consistent and upbeat around these parts, but the past couple of days, I can’t even seem to do that. It’s not due to a lack of ideas since I have a drafted content calendar that has post ideas through the end of May but instead realizing that because I’m not as productive at home when working, I am more inclined to save that productivity for my actual job. You’d think on week five, I would have found a better balance, but sadly that hasn’t felt like the case. So yesterday, I gave myself a break from getting a new post live and focused solely on my regular job. It was a nice little break from putting pressure on myself and feeling guilty about not having something up and caused me to pay better attention to what around me seemed to be making me happy lately. 

I am so fortunate that I can work from home in the midst of everything, and as much as I miss my friends still have a lot to be thankful for. I had seen Kate from Lonestar Southern share her own Happy List and thought I’d follow suit to share a few things I’m loving as of late! 

1.    Having Scout (our family dog) here in Birmingham with me.

2.    A close friend’s engagement. I almost didn’t answer my friend Macy’s facetime a couple of weeks ago because I was already in bed about to fall asleep, but boy am I glad I did. It took me a few minutes to realize why she kept scratching her face, but I was elated when I finally connected the dots.

3.    Fresh flowers on my desk and a new orchid on my bedside table (I accidentally killed my first one with Emergen-c, and the blooms looked fried, so it was about time for a replacement).

4.    The number of pajama sets I have that I can rotate through in an attempt to feel slightly put together while at home. 

5.    A new friend made while on a walk who is kind as can be and sent me the text below yesterday just because. It’s funny to me that in the midst of social distancing community can still be found.

6.    The “vlogs” being sent in one of my group texts with friends. We’ve been filming ourselves doing random things and sending them to one another, and they have been so funny to watch. My roommate and I made one of us making cocktails, and I accidentally sent it to my family group text instead and had some explaining to do to make sure they realized it was a joke. 

7.    Sending letters. I am convinced that the way to my heart is through handwritten letters, so I’ve been sending random cards to friends with hopes that they will respond by sending a note my way too.

8.    Constant access to my coffee maker. No explanation needed on this one. 

9.    Lots of time spent outside eating lunch, on walks, and working. 

10.    The Tonight Show at Home with Jimmy Fallon. I’ve never really watched this show until now, and I really only watch the parts where I think his adorable daughters are going to make a guest appearance. Clearly, we are all attempting to make do with our current situations. 

I’d love to hear what has been making y’all smile lately! 

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