Thursday, April 30, 2020

Cute Bathing Suit Finds

Can y'all believe it is almost May? I certainly can't. Typically for me, May starts to feel like summer. We've had more of a spring this year with slightly cooler temperatures but I know that the heat wave that comes May through September is on its way. My favorite way to combat the heat is to spend as much time as possible by the water. The only downside of that is finding a cute swimsuit to wear while doing that. I find shopping for swimwear to be such a chore since so many bathing suits come with cheeky cuts that just aren't something I am interested in. I always end up having to buy tops I like and pairing them with bottoms I know that will offer full coverage. 

This top is from Victoria's Secret last year and no longer available, sorry! 

I haven't found a ton of bathing suits I'm dying to try on yet this year that seem reasonably priced but I had a few messages on Instagram asking me to share some cute swimsuits in a post. So, here we are! I tried to include a variety of retailers and prices but by the time I had gathered the options realized there was no way I was going to be able to do a typical graphic for this. Instead, you can click directly on any of the bathing suits you're interested in purchasing in their individual pictures below!


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