Friday, March 6, 2020

Long Prom Dresses (Or Black Tie Event Dresses)

I already went over how I couldn’t believe that spring break is already approaching for most college students, so take those sentiments and go ahead and apply them to prom as well. When I was in high school, prom wasn’t until April, but that didn’t stop people from staking claim of their dress and sharing it in the junior and senior Facebook group explicitly made to avoid duplicates. Please tell me my high school was not alone in having one of these. It’s absurd but was a reality, and everyone was hoping to snatch up their “dream” dress in a timely fashion to post it and avoid having someone else find it first.






The availability of dresses I’d actually wear to prom, or any black-tie event for that matter seems to be growing when it comes to options of what to wear. We wore long dresses to our high school prom (which hate to break it to you, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the movies made it out to be), but for those of you that opt to wear short dresses, I’ll be sharing my picks of those early next week. 

This past year I’ve worn my fair share of long dresses, and while most of them were assigned to me in the form of bridesmaids dresses, I’ve come to discover quite a few I’d pick on my own online. So, since the rest of the weddings I’m attending this year aren’t deemed black-tie enough for one of these dresses maybe they will suit an occasion you have coming up whether that’s prom or not. Below you will find 48 (yep, you read that right) dresses of varying prices, styles, and colors that you can click on to shop. If I were purchasing one at the moment, I think it would be this one.

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