Monday, March 23, 2020

Step Into My Week 3.23

Where to even begin with today’s Step Into My Week post. For starters, this is up a bit later than usual due to my ceiling starting to leak this morning, which is far from ideal. Hopefully, that will be fixed today, given that it is right above my desk, which has become my newly established office. 

As you can imagine, with social distancing in place and those who can being required to work from home, my week was less eventful than most. We were emailed on Sunday to work from home, although I had to go into the office on Monday to conduct a conference call and pull my props for the in-studio shoot I had scheduled for the following day. I was only in the office for about 2 hours before heading back to my house to finish the workday there. I am certainly more productive at work and already miss having that kind of routine in place but did my best to start establishing a schedule for myself on Monday. I was able to make a general schedule of the different tasks I have that I can do each day and have been slowly working through those. Although most of my day was spent sending out emails and getting everything set for the following day’s shoot, I was able to also work through some other work projects that I hadn’t had time for previously. In the afternoon, I did a true40 workout outside on our deck and was able to go for a walk too since the weather decided to cooperate. I don’t really remember much else from that evening since the days are starting to run together in my head. 

Tuesday, I did go into the office for my shoot, and it was eerily empty as I suspected. The food stylist, photographer, and I all stayed very spread out as we powered through the photos for the cookbook the shoot was for. I was at the office until close to 5:00 and went for a decently long run once I got home. My roommate and I did a true40 workout together, and that night I made dinner after I showered and got in bed pretty early.

Wednesday was my first official day of working from home the whole day, and I had a few phone calls scheduled and a growing list of things I could do to get ahead for when we eventually do go back to the office. I was scheduled for an in-studio shoot on Thursday, which got canceled midway through one of my phone calls about it, which made the reality of the situation hit a bit harder. I took my lunch break outside while reading before coming back in to finish the rest of the workday. My roommate and I decided to go for a walk around our neighborhood after the workday was done, and it was nice to see so many people enjoying the beautiful weather from their yards. That night we had a virtual bible study with our friends, which was refreshing and felt like a great way of keeping some part of our routine consistent.

Thursday was spent very similarly to Wednesday, and I did my best to keep my routine intact best I could. Eating lunch outside in the sun with a book has become one of my favorite aspects of working from home. After I sent my final emails and wrapped things up for the day, I went and played tennis for a few hours before coming home. My roommate and I watched a couple of episodes of The Office and then went to bed. 

Since work starts an hour later for me on Fridays, I was able to sleep in before “getting ready” to start my workday. After work, I caught up on the phone with a couple of friends, listened to a lot of an audiobook, spent time outside on our deck, and eventually went for a run. When I got back from that around 5:00, my roommate and I made margaritas and after showering and making dinner hunkered down on the couch to watch the first three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere. We are so excited for Wednesday when the next episode is released on Hulu. We’ve gotten in the habit of coloring while watching TV. I think we were both in bed by 10:00, and in all honesty, it was kind of nice not to feel guilty about being in our pajamas and in bed so early on a Friday.

Saturday morning, I slept in a little bit before deciding to make scones while listening to my audiobook. While they were baking, I deep cleaned our kitchen and made a quarantine care package to drop off on a friend’s front porch. When I got back from doing that, I deep cleaned the rest of our house before relaxing for a bit, catching up on the phone with a friend, and then going on a walk with a friend’s sibling’s dog and that friend. It has been helpful to get outside while still social distancing, and knowing that we are supposed to have bad weather at the start of this week has me bummed that won’t be an option for the next few days. My roommate’s parents had us over for dinner that evening, which was great, and we were in bed early this night as well.

Sunday was a very slow day with a later wake-up time and me lazily finishing my audiobook that morning. I was productive while watching the parent trap and later in the afternoon took a decently long nap. I went on a walk and talked on the phone with my family and then decided to go for a run. When I got back, I showered, made dinner, and my roommate and I watched Tiger King on Netflix that night. The show is so weird, but if you’re looking for something to watch, it will surely pass some time. 

I hope you had a good week as well! 

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