Thursday, March 19, 2020

Put Together Work From Home Outfits That Are As Comfortable As Pajamas

I have no doubt that we can all say we’ve learned something about ourselves so far during the Coronavirus outbreak. The list could be pretty deep, but a more light-hearted realization is that working from home comes with its own set of challenges, and I’m not even trying to juggle my own work and homeschooling. Shout out to all the parents who are doing both right now because you deserve all the wine at the end of the day! As someone who thrives on my routine to be productive, I’ve had to be very intentional with my schedule and habits in the past couple of days in order to make sure that I am doing a good job of working even if it is from a new place.

There are so many blog posts out there highlighting tons of tips about working from home, and while those are great, the biggest thing I’ve discovered in the past few days is that I have to change out of my pajamas and put on something other than leggings and a t-shirt. I wouldn’t wear these to the office so mentally I know that I need to be in other kinds of clothes to trick myself into a productive mindset, especially since my home “office” is inches away from my bed. 

The thing about getting dressed in the morning is that I want to still be comfortable and I don’t want to put in a ton of effort since the only person I’m going to see is my roommate who sees me with a towel on my head each night to dry my hair and isn’t looking to be impressed by work from home attire. My solution as of late has been flowy dresses. They are equally as comfortable as pajamas, and because it’s just one piece, I’m not spending much time deciding what to wear and can wear them to the office when that opens back up.

The first of these dresses is the infamous  Amazon nightgown dress, which really does make me feel nursing home ready. The blue and white pattern seemed like a no brainer to me and fits the name given the fact that it does feel like I’m wearing a nightgown. I’m wearing it in a small in this print but have another pattern in a medium that is equally as comfy, and some might say unflattering. I will be sharing a try-on of some of my favorite put together work from home outfits on Instagram stories tonight, which will give you a better look at the size difference in this dress.


The second dress option I am so thrilled about is this orange/red number I found at  Target. I have been so impressed by their selection lately and am already itching to be able to wear this out of the house. In the meantime, it is looking really cute on my .7 second commute from my closet to my desk. I got it in a small and love that it is lined and has pockets. 


In case you’re on the hunt for some dresses to help you get in a productive mindset while working from home, I’ve included some I’ve found below. Better yet is that most of them are under $40. Since I know right now it’s more important than ever to shop small, local businesses, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite online boutiques on my Instagram stories tonight after the try-on portion of this post. I hope you’ll join me there to check out some of my favorites! Best of luck rounding out the rest of your week getting work done from the comfort (and with the distractions of) your own home.

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