Tuesday, March 17, 2020

This Month's Q&A

When I asked y’all to ask questions for my February Q&A y’all got creative and I love it! I hope that doing these from month to month allow you to get to know me a bit better! 

Q: What is your go-to work outfit?
I am lucky in that my office’s dress code is very casual. That seems to make sense, given the creative industry we are in. Since fall, my go-to outfit for work is this pair of jeans, a sweater, and either sneakers or slides. I’m getting to the point of being very over wearing sweaters on constant rotation, especially as spring draws near. 

Q: What’s your skincare routine?
Most frequently, I shower at night which means I am washing my face in the shower. I usually start with this exfoliator, this charcoal bar, and then will end with this cleansing wash. Sometimes I skip that last step, but when I remember, it feels nice. After I dry off, I’ll make sure all my makeup is gone using my Makeup Eraser (or this eye makeup remover if it’s especially resilient) and then spray some of this witch hazel. I finish off with Cetaphil lotion all over my face and neck. 

Q: Where do you want to be/what do you want to be doing in a week, year, a decade?
Talk about a tough question, but I love it! In a week, I’d be happy doing the same thing I have been doing but tbd with the coronavirus currently. In a year, I would still like to be in Birmingham, working as a prop stylist as I genuinely love my job. I feel lucky to currently be in a place where I am so content with a great community and friends! A decade is when I feel like I could see more changes in my life. Maybe I’ll still be doing the same thing, or maybe, I’ll be doing something else. I think being an interior decorator would be awesome, but I’m not sure how I’d even get started with that given my lack of knowledge and experience. It would also be great to own a home, potentially be married, and maybe feel really settled in Birmingham or somewhere else in the South (although I really can’t see myself leaving Birmingham any time soon). If I look back to where I was a decade ago, I can guarantee I wouldn’t have foreseen what I’m doing now, so I guess only time will tell. 

Q: What are your favorite things to pull out of your closet for spring?
In the spring, I find myself reaching for cute blouses more than ever as the temperatures begin to warm up. When buying blouses, I usually try to find ones that I can wear with both white jeans and regular denim for added versatility. I also get really excited about being able to wear sandals again and am in the market for a new brown pair. If you have any suggestions on that, let me know!  

Q: Do you ever feel guilty promoting “fast fashion” that isn’t ethical/sustainable?
I wish that all brands were sustainable; however, as we all know that’s not the case. Fortunately, many brands realize that consumers desire this and will begin to make changes. While I would prefer for people to buy items that are more ethical and sustainable I know my audience well enough to know that many people don’t have the budget (although I know not all sustainable items have to be more expensive) for those items which I also understand. While I’m not in blogging solely to make money, I would be no use to the people coming to my site to discover some cute budget buys if I took those items out of shopping collages and suggestions. I definitely think that as time goes on my readers and followers will begin to move toward seeing the value in investing in items that may not be as quickly labeled as “fast/fashion” but in the meantime, it’s my hope that when they do get tired of an item (whether they discovered it through me or not) that they are donating it or ridding their closet of it in a way that is sustainable. The short of it is that there are plenty of bloggers that are great about sharing more sustainable items with their readership, but at the moment, I will continue to scatter those pieces in the same way I have! 

Q: Since you’ve mentioned before that you think you’re tone-deaf, if you were famous for something, what would it be for?
I’ve always joked that if I were ever in a pageant (which would be so unlikely, to begin with) that I would have absolutely no stage talent to share. I stand by that statement now and really don’t know what I would become famous for. It would be cool to become “famous” or well known for a skill or something I’ve created, but this has me stumped. 

Q: List of must-watch shows (other than the Bachelor)?
Some of my favorite TV shows to watch include Friends and Gilmore Girls. On top of those two, I’ve recently watched some of the popular Netflix series like You, Cheer, and Love Is Blind. If you haven’t watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, then you’re in for a big treat and same with The Morning Show on Apple TV. I think my roommate and I may start something new now that we will be spending even more time at home, so if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them! 

Q: How do you not freak out when most of your friends are getting engaged? 
Instead of freaking out, you just have a blast at their wedding. Kidding… kind of. In all seriousness, at 25, I don’t really feel old enough to be engaged as crazy as that may sound. While that could change and would depend on meeting the right person, I don’t see a reason to feel rushed into getting engaged or married. Do I want it to happen one day? 100%. But right now, I realize that there are so many things I love about my independence that would take a lot of selflessness to give up at the moment. 

Even though these answers are half a month late to truly count for February, hopefully, you enjoyed reading through them! Maybe they even served as a work break as some of you adjust to working from home. Yesterday I was most productive when I decided to work outside while it was overcast, which really surprised me. Maybe it’ll stop raining in the afternoons so that I can look forward to some time on our deck with my laptop checking things off my to-do list.  

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