Monday, March 16, 2020

Step Into My Week 3.16

As a disclaimer, I wrote this post throughout last week as the week was progressing, so if you feel it’s missing details about COVID-19 or sympathy given the current situation, our country and others are facing that would be why. I will still be planning to share blog posts here as I had planned before the outbreak and hope that by coming to read the blog, you’ll feel a slight sense of normalcy. In the meantime, I’ll be working from home and wearing my favorite pajamas for a bit longer than usual as I adjust to how my new daily routine will look. 

I knew this past week was going to start with a bit of a giant question mark given that I was car-less and would be spending a decent bit of the day talking on the phone to insurance agencies to work towards getting my car fixed after a moving truck hit it last weekend. Thankfully, my sweet boss was able to pick me up for work so that I didn’t have to uber. I had a meeting in the morning and then got a decent bit of work done before phone calls with Allstate, Toyota, and the rental car facility. After another meeting in the afternoon, I took a few hours of personal time, ubered home, and carefully drove my smooshed front car to get it fixed. I finally ended up in a rental car around five and was so excited to no longer feel like a 15-year-old constantly being carpooled around. Since it was still light out and not raining, I opted to go for a run and surprised myself by running for 40 minutes after not running that much lately. I ran into a friend on my way back, and once I did make it home quickly showered and had dinner so that I could make it to Macy’s house in time to watch The Bachelor. I have plenty of thoughts on the episode, but mcmscott on Instagram who does a recap she calls “The Bachelor Corner” pretty much summed them all up. When the episode ended, my roommate and I headed home and went to bed. 

I spent Tuesday at my desk, getting lots of work done, which felt good. I sent out emails, prepared for shoots, and shipped out some props. I also spent some time sourcing props and finding locations for some upcoming shoots. After work, I went home and had dinner before going back over to Macy’s to watch The Bachelor finale. We were all shocked by the way Peter’s mom treated Madi and not that surprised later in the week when they announced the engagement was off. After debriefing on the episode, it was back home to go to sleep. 

I had an in-studio food shoot on Wednesday, which lasted most of the day. I wasn’t that productive between shots since my computer was being updated. After work, I went to true40 to take a class and then met Macy at Saws for dinner. Even though I had food at home, I was pumped she mentioned it since I hadn’t had it in a while and it is definitely my favorite barbecue place in Birmingham. 

I had another in-studio food shoot on Thursday that lasted until about 3:00. I had a tasting for some food I am shooting this week after that and was able to send out a few emails afterward. I left work a little early since I didn’t take a lunch and was surprised to find that it was sunny outside when the forecast had called for rain. I was getting ready for a run when a friend asked if I wanted to play tennis. I did that instead, and we kicked around a soccer ball for a little while before I went to bible study that night. When I got home, I ate dinner, showered, and got in bed. 


Instead of getting up early on Friday morning, I slept in until 6:30 before reading and getting ready for work. I unpacked my cart of props that morning, sent out some emails, and was able to get a lot done at my desk before finishing work at noon. Not knowing what the next few days (weeks really) encouraged me to go ahead and stock up on some food before that wasn’t a possibility. I went to Trader Joe’s and Walmart, and both were insanely busy and very picked over. I was able to get what I needed despite it taking close to 2 hours. After unpacking my groceries and making myself lunch, Nell and I went into a few shops in Mountain Brook and Crestline villages and then hung out at her apartment for a while before going to dinner at Pizzeria GM that night. After dinner, we grabbed ice cream at Big Spoon before some of the group came over to our house to watch Where’d You Go Bernadette on Hulu. I went to bed halfway through, leaving everyone else in the living room to finish it.

Saturday morning started with a workout at true40 with Nell and her roommate Anna. We came home afterward, and I showered, finished what I missed of the movie, and had leftover pizza for lunch. Later in the afternoon, a group of us went to an outdoor event for St. Patrick’s day at Avondale Brewing Co. and ran into some friends there. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, and I would have been content to sit out there for a few hours longer than we did. There were so many cute dogs around us, and someone even brought a rabbit, which we found to be a little bit strange. Our time there was cut short since a friend wanted us to meet her at a Mexican restaurant in Cahaba Heights that night. The food was pretty good, and we were able to sit outside. We then decided to grab a beer at Back Forty and made our way home for the night around 11:30. 

Sunday was a lot more laid back given how much more news articles were releasing about the Coronavirus. I went to the grocery store to get an item I had forgotten for a recipe, and aside from that mainly stayed home. I made a few recipes to have on hand, did lots of laundry, and then went for a walk with Nell and Rebecca. Nell stayed over for dinner, and we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang before she went back to her apartment. I sent out a few clarifying emails for work and eventually called it a night. 

I’ll be mainly working from home this week as I imagine many of you with jobs that allow you to do that will be doing as well. I tend to struggle with how to be productive in my own space, but I am hoping to learn this week, and as long as this is necessary. In the meantime, if you have any favorite podcasts or shows, feel free to leave them below as I’m guessing I’ll have a little bit more time for those as well. 

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