Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What's In My Work Bag + My On Sale Tote

One night after work last week, my friends and I went to Tuscaloosa for the Furman Alabama basketball game. And although it was a blast, it made for a later night than usual. After nights like that, I am especially glad when I pack my gym bag and work tote in advance to prepare for smooth sailing in the morning. 

If you didn’t know, I’ve been trying to make more videos for y’all, and recently someone requested that I share what all I keep in my work tote. I love seeing what other people keep in their bag and figured I’d share the contents of mine as well. I have used a Barrington Gifts' St. Anne Tote for years and love all of the different patterns and monogram styles that you can choose from. I recently received this printed cow pattern tote and have already received so many compliments on it. Before I get into the contents of the bag, I’m excited to share with y’all that Barrington Gifts has begun their Black Friday sale. The sale is running from November 27th-December 2nd, and the more you buy, the more you save. Orders over $150 receive 10% off, Orders over $250 receive 15% off, and Orders over $350 receive 20% off with free shipping on all orders. All you have to do is enter the code THANKFUL at checkout. 



While the customization of this bag is what initially drew me in, the durability of the material and ample space inside have me reaching for it time and time again. The bag has four pockets, one large one with a zipper and three smaller ones that are perfect for sunglasses, pens, and notepads. The main area perfectly fits everything else I like to bring with me and makes for easy access when I reach into the bag to find something. 

Whether I am carrying my work or personal laptop, having a case to protect it is important. The case shown is one I’ve had for years from Kate Spade, but my next Barrington buy is likely going to be a laptop case since theirs has a similar shape but can be customized like the bags. 

I love these clear Truffle pouches for organizing toiletries, and this year started using one of the larger sized ones as a cord holder in my bag. It’s no fun when things get tangled up at the bottom of your bag, so this is the perfect solution. I usually have a phone charger and computer charger inside, but if I’m headed to a coffee shop to do some work like to throw my headphones in there as well. 

As you can probably tell at this point, I like everything to have a place. This pouch can be used as a clutch, but I like to keep it in my bag as a snack pouch. I hate going anywhere without having snacks on hand, so you’ll usually find a couple of granola bars and trail mix in here. 

Blog Planner & Personal Planner
I’m a pen and paper type of girl, so keeping organized means having a place to write everything down. Because of that, I have both a blog planner (found at Target) and a work/personal planner (Day Designer) that make there way too and from home and work with me. If it’s not written in one of these, then chances are I won’t be there.

If you want to see more of the inside of this tote and hear me rave about it while sharing what I keep inside, I’ve made this post into a video that can be watched below. 

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