Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Seasonal Closet Organization Tips

So often, I get comments from y’all about how productive and on top of things I seem. And while that’s a big compliment, it’s not always the truth. Like anyone else, I procrastinate some things and have to-do lists that certainly don’t get done. Recently, I’ve been putting off a project that isn’t my favorite as I’m doing it but always results in me feeling a little bit more organized, my seasonal closet cleanout. 

It had gotten to the point where I was digging through hang up bags in the morning to find a particular sweater that hadn’t made its way to my closet yet when I decided I needed to stop putting this off. I definitely have more clothes than I need, which is why I have to switch out my wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter throughout the year. I’d like to think I could downsize enough where that wouldn’t be necessary, but with a walk-in closet at my parents’ house in Fairhope, it’s hard to take on that mentality when out of season pieces can go and live with them there (which they hate). 

Over time it has become a lot easier to do this since I have a system, but ultimately, it comes down to actually forcing myself to make time for this project. I say that because it usually takes me over an hour and looks a whole lot worse before it ever looks better. In case you’ve been putting off doing this yourself, I motivated myself by filming the process to share with y’all alongside the steps I take to get it over with. These steps are probably no brainers, but as a list person, it helps me to feel like I’m accomplishing something even when my bed is covered with clothes halfway through the process. 

Step 1: Take Out All Of Your Hanging Clothes
Leave nothing behind as you move everything out of your closet so that later on, you’ll be able to look at each piece and decide if it’s worth keeping. By taking all of my hanging clothes out, I can focus on the other shelves and bins I have to make sure those don’t get overlooked in the process.

Step 2: Organize What Remains In Your Closet
I am lucky that my closet is big enough for me to have brought in a few different pieces of “furniture” that help to keep everything neat. The white storage organizers you see are both from Target, as are the navy bins that line the top of my closet and fit into the long organizer. I like to go through each of those bins to make sure everything in them is neat and worth keeping, and I do the same with my shoes moving my fall and winter ones to the shoe rack and storing any wedges on top of the cube organizer. 

Step 3: Put The Clothes You Know You Are Going To Keep For The Season Back In Your Closet
Since my parents brought me my fall and winter clothes in hang up bags when they came to visit a while back, it was nice to be able to get a few things off of my bed and directly into my closet. When placing these pieces into my closet, I did look through them to double-check that everything was worth keeping, but I had done that before storing them last seasonal closet switch, which made that a quick process.


Step 4: Figure Out How You’d Like To Organize The Pieces You’re Keeping
This all boils down to personal preference. I like to organize both by piece and by color, which may sound like a lot of work but has actually become a habit for me. I start with skirts and tend to hang two on each of the clipped hangers I have. Behind that, I have some of the pants that I have hung up instead of folded, and then I move into all of my tops. Within each color section, I start with tanks and move my way to short sleeves and then long sleeves if I have those before moving on to the next color (typing this out is reminding me just how Type A I can be with some things, yikes). My shirts continue to be organized that way until they are all hung up. After my tops, I have a few vests and then in the back corner have all of my jackets. The bars nearly intersect in the back, making it harder to get to things, so the best way I’ve found to organize my coats is to keep the ones that I don’t wear as often at the very back with the more frequently worn ones closest to my vests. On the back bar are sweaters and dresses organized in the same way! 

Step 5: Go Through Everything Else Deciding What To Keep, Store, and Donate
Be ruthless. If you haven’t worn something, don’t keep it. I like to make piles of clothes to store for the next season, sell, and donate. Anything that doesn’t fit those categories is what will end up back in my closet to wear in the coming seasons! 

Step 6: Move Everything You’re Keeping Into Your Closet
The homestretch! Anything that made the cut can be organized according to the system you determined in Step 4, and then you’re done! 

If you want to watch me in action as I completed these steps, you can do that in the video below! 

I did my best to include some of the organizational items I have in my closet below for you in case you’re interested: 

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