Monday, November 11, 2019

Step Into My Week 11.11

Happy Monday! I have today off for Veterans Day and had the most relaxing morning before coming to a coffee shop for a good bit of the day to attempt to get ahead on blog
work as we enter into the busiest time of the year. 

Last week was one that went by quickly and slowly all at once. As I was thinking back about what all I’ve done this past week, Monday felt like forever ago even though the week didn’t feel like it lingered on. Since I forgot to bring my planner home (I was too excited to hit the road on Friday afternoon), my weekly recap is going to be short and sweet and only really point out things that I did out of the ordinary. 

Monday was spent getting work done at my desk with a workout at the Y following it. I cooked some chicken, and Brussel sprouts that evening while listening to an audiobook and then spent a decent bit of time working on gathering product ideas for the gift guides I’ve been working on. 

Tuesday, I had a few different meetings at work and had plans to meet my friend Caroline at True40 Cahaba at 5:45. I usually go to the downtown location since that tends to be what works best for me time-wise, but it was fun to get to go there with her. I came home and showered afterward before getting in bed to continue to work on blog tasks.

I shadowed a couple of food shoots in the studio on Wednesday so that I am a bit more familiar with those as I prepare to transition into my new role as a stylist at work. I had meetings that coincided with the shoot, and by the time those finished, the food shoots had wrapped as well. I continued to get stuff done at work before heading to true40 after work and then bible study.

Thursday was spent mainly working on stuff at my desk, but after work, I was able to head home, start some laundry, and then go to an alumni event for Furman at a local brewery. Nell and I went together, making it nice to have a buddy, but we were able to meet a lot of other Furman grads that are currently in the area. We left there close to 8:00, and I went home to finish my laundry and start to pack since I was heading to Greenville, SC directly from work on Friday. 

Friday morning, I woke up at my normal time so that I could finish packing and make sure I had a clean room to come home to. I went to Starbucks and answered a few emails on my way to work and had to make a few returns for a stylist before my day was done at noon. From there, I started the about five-hour drive to Greenville, which was overall pretty uneventful. I arrived in Greenville around 6:00, and Sophia and I were quick to head downtown so that we could eat at Cantina and order margaritas while it was still happy hour. We ate so much queso and guacamole along with our tacos while finally getting to catch each other up on life in person. We headed back to her apartment once we finished our meal and continued to catch up before eventually calling it a night.

We slept in on Saturday morning and enjoyed a latte from the fancy machine she and her husband got as a wedding gift before getting ready to meet a group of friends at Sully’s Steamers for bagels. From there, Sophia and I walked into some shops downtown and made our way to Furman for a long walk around campus, stops at our favorite tables in the library, and a walk through a few other buildings on campus. We went back to her apartment that afternoon and facetimed our friend Ellison, watched Sophia’s wedding video, and showered to get ready for dinner downtown. Before our dinner reservation, we went to Up On The Roof for a drink and their chicken lettuce wraps while watching the sad ending of the Alabama game. From there, we went to Jianna and split an appetizer and entre before heading to Foxcroft for dessert and another drink. I highly recommend a progressive dinner like this when you have a long list of food places to visit but a finite number of meals to enjoy them. We went back to her apartment afterward and went to sleep.

We slept in again on Sunday and enjoyed lattes in our pajamas before getting ready and heading to Tandem in Travelers Rest. I started my drive back after we finished our crepes, but it was easier to leave knowing that Sophia will be coming to visit me in Birmingham in January! I worked on packaging up some returns and unpacking once I got home before Nell, Caroline, my roommate, and I all enjoyed our favorite Sidewall Pizza from Greenville that I drove back with. They stayed at our house for a while, and once they left Rebecca and I called it a night. 

This week has a couple of random things that I am looking forward to that I’ll be sure to share with y’all next Monday! 

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