Thursday, November 7, 2019

October Favorites

So as not to bore you, I’m not going to dig into how unreal I find it that it is already November. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in NO TIME, and while that is exciting, I feel like it was January about three weeks ago. Wow! 

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, October flew by (as has this year), but I do feel like I got to try out some new items that I’ve been loving and am excited to share with y’all. Many of them are affordable, which I know is appreciated. I’ve shared my thoughts on each of these items in the video below but also went ahead and wrote about them in case you’d prefer to read my review instead! 

I love casual and comfortable pieces that look more put together than they feel. I quickly discovered that this sweatshirt fits that bill. It’s a bit cropped but still long enough to wear with high waisted jeans without feeling the slightest bit exposed. With animal print being very in this year, it’s on-trend without being a trendy piece if that makes sense. I have found it on a few different retailers’ sites since it seems to be sold out in some sizes on a few of the sites, here and here.

I know I’m not alone in trying to find simple white t-shirts that are thick enough to wear without a tank top underneath to make them not see through. While this shirt is a bit more involved than being a “simple” white top due to the cute sleeve detailing, it is a thick enough material that it can be worn without a cami/tank top underneath. I have worn it with jean shorts and tucked into jeans this week with cute sneakers, and while being casual, it looks effortlessly put together. 

Would you believe that these shoes are only $16? That makes them the perfect on-trend sneaker for the season. I wore these all day to a photoshoot at work and even a tailgate and football game this past month with complete comfort. The blush color is neutral enough to wear with other colors, and the perforated detail adds interest to the design. Since these are a little different than most shoes given that they are trendy, the inexpensive price tag made them a great and worthwhile risk, given that they made my monthly favorites. 

This past month I have gotten in the habit of going to True40 as my workout. Currently, there are only studios in Alabama and Georgia (so sorry for those of you in other states), but I’d like to think that in the future, the company will continue to expand. True40 has a 60-minute workout class that is a mix of barre, Pilates, and yoga that also incorporates cardio. Many of the movements are very small and involve isometric holds, which have helped me tone in addition to the cardio work I had previously been doing. I think what I love the most about True40 aside from the beautiful studios and people there is the fact that I can work a variety of muscle groups without having to think up a workout on my own. I go about three times a week and always leave feeling encouraged and accomplished. 

When I am working out, I want something that is loose and a decent length, which can be a lot harder to find than one might anticipate. When I saw these Fabletics tanks, I knew I hit the jackpot. They have a higher neckline and cut in at your shoulders in a flattering way (unlike many of the muscle style tanks). The split curved side hem makes them a bit more interesting, and the lightweight material is breathable no matter the workout. I believe I ordered mine in a size medium, and when other colors come back in stock, I’ll probably opt for a small. They do tend to sell out given their affordable price point and quality, so if you happen to see one in your size and want it act fast. 

I don’t think I ever remembered to name the color of this nail polish when I was talking about it in the video, but Essie’s Petal Pushers nail polish seemed to remain on my nails for October. The color is a nice blue-gray, which acts as almost a neutral if that makes sense. 

I’ve talked about my love of Perfect Bars before, but my only complaint was that I often didn’t want to eat an entire bar at once since they usually served as my pre-workout snack. Now, the kids’ size is an even better solution than putting half of a full-size bar in a ziplock. I can eat these in about three bites, and given how much protein they have are a good snack to keep me full between meals. They come in the refrigerator section in a box of five, and I get mine at Publix.

I have a podcast recommendation for y’all that I am so excited about. A coworker mentioned this in one of our team meetings, and I immediately wrote the name down since it sounded like something I would enjoy. Full Body Chills is the newest podcast from the creators of Crime Junkies and tells semi spooky (but not scary) stories that give you exactly what the title states, full-body chills. Sadly I think the first season is complete, and I’m hoping they don’t wait until next October to release the next, but I flew through these stories! 

I told you these favorites were random. A cookie scoop is something that for a long time, I liked the idea of but couldn’t justify having since I could easily use two spoons to shape and place cookie dough. On a whim at Target, I decided to get one, and after making this recipe with the cookie scoop I am sad, I went so long without one. Mine is by the brand OXO, but I found this less expensive one on Amazon! 

Now I want to know what makes the cut as your October favorite?

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