Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Step Into My Week 11.26

Given that this is going up a day later than usual, it’s probably no surprise to y’all that things have been eventful as of late. Despite working a lot of the weekend on blog posts, I kept putting off writing my weekly recap for y’all. While it was an enjoyable week after work, tasks in the office kept me on my toes and especially busy. I am thrilled to be heading home today at noon for a little bit of time off to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and spend some time with friends. 

I started my Monday morning by packing up returns from a shoot before heading into a cover shoot meeting. After that, I spent most of my day scheduling social posts, helping stylists prepare for their upcoming shoots, responding to emails, and completing expense reports. Luckily, after work, a group of my friends decided we needed to have a Friendsgiving together before we all left town. We went over to Sarah Reagan’s apartment and had quite the spread of delicious sides and ended the night very full. I got home a little after 8:00 and worked on gift guides before heading to bed. 

Tuesday morning, I woke up early to shower before heading into the office. I had a piece to finish writing that I completed that morning and spent a good deal of the day gathering ideas for upcoming shoots I am in charge of. My new position as a stylist is set to start once I get back from Thanksgiving, so I have been doing my best to firm up locations and props that I would like to use. I realized that I hadn’t used enough of the personal time I am given as an employee, so since I had plans outside of Birmingham that night decided to take off at three so that my friends wouldn’t have to wait on me. Once I got home, I took a few blog photos before changing into a Furman tshirt to head to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama Furman basketball game. Nell and I rode with two of our guy friends that went to Alabama and met up with the rest of our group at Burger Fi before heading into the game. Furman played pretty well and kept the score close despite not coming through with a win at the end. Regardless, we had a lot of fun, and I’m happy we decided to go even if it made for a later night than usual. 

Wednesday ended up being quite the day that kept me on my toes after staying up later than usual on Tuesday. I had a meeting with one of our editors to talk through a shoot I’m styling and then spent most of the morning shadowing a food cover shoot. After quickly eating lunch, it was time for a staff meeting before having to finish styling a location shoot for a stylist who's daughter got sick. Once that wrapped, I brought the props back to the office and had to deliver some of them back to local stores before they closed. By the time 5:00 came around, I was tired! When I got home, I had to finish icing the second sweet potato cake I made for the Friendsgivings I had this week before heading to bible study. I got home from that around 9:00, showered, and went to sleep.

Thursday was a very educational day as I shadowed a lifestyle shoot in the office, which is uncommon for us. Usually, we head to someone’s house for larger lifestyle shoots, but we transformed one of our photo studios into a dining room (complete with a 9 foot Christmas tree and fireplace) for this particular shoot. It was for Christmas of next year and involved lots of fancy foods. The shoot didn’t wrap until after 5:00, so I had to hurry home to get ready and grab the food I was bringing for the second Friendsgiving of the week. This one was at Macy’s house and was a ton of fun. There were equally as many great sides at this one, but since there were guys involved, we had a turkey instead of Honey Baked Ham like we did on Monday. We stayed for a while after eating and played Cards Against Humanity before all heading home. 


I didn’t have work on Friday since I still needed to use up some personal time and instead used the time off as an opportunity to work on cyber week blog posts. I stayed at Starbucks for about four hours doing this before heading home to shower and relax. My roommate and I had plans to meet a friend at Back Forty for a beer before heading over to a friend’s house for his belated birthday celebration around 8:00. There ended up being a couple of Furman people too, which was fun, and we spent most of the evening playing the game Picolo as a group on my roommate’s phone. Eventually, we left and headed to a nearby karaoke bar to round out our evening. I’m not a big karaoke person but had a blast mainly since everyone selected great songs. We finally got home after 1:00, and I was excited to sleep in on Saturday.

When I woke up in the morning, I relaxingly created gift guides in bed before running to a store nearby to pick something up. I had plans to get lunch with my friend Allie at Olexa’s and made a Trader Joe’s run for my family after that. When I got home, I decided to go for a run and shower before the movie night my roommate and I had planned that evening. We watched Netflix’s A Knight Before Christmas, which was as cheesy as you would expect for a Christmas movie involving a knight. We were both very excited to get in bed before 9:00 after the night before.

On Sunday morning, I worked on some blog photos before heading to church at 11:00. In the afternoon, I did some laundry, continued to work on blog photos, and talked on the phone with my family. I went to dinner with a friend that night at a very authentic Chinese restaurant called Red Pearl and was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was given that you walk through a grocery store to get to the restaurant. Once I got home, I finished working on some blog graphics for the week and went to bed. 

I’m hoping that this week is a little bit less busy and am hoping that you have some time off to enjoy Thanksgiving with your families too!

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