Monday, November 4, 2019

Step Into My Week 11.4

Brace yourself, friends, even as I outlined this Step Into My Week post, I realized just how jam-packed it would be. After writing it, I can further confirm that and reassure you that this week will be slightly calmer in case you’re concerned with how all over the place I’ve been. I will say, however, that I have been looking forward to this weekend since I get to visit one of my favorite people in a favorite place. Any guesses? For now, my lips are sealed, but you’ll definitely read about it in next week’s Step Into My Week post.

So, I’ve been keeping a little secret from y’all, and now that I know the results, I feel comfortable sharing more of the details behind it. If you recall from last week’s post, I was spending a lot of time off the clock preparing for a photoshoot. Well, that photoshoot was actually my audition (the second step of the interview process) for a prop/photo stylist role (still at the same company that I currently work for) that I have been in the process of interviewing for since early October. Monday was the day of the shoot, and the parameters were for me to plan and execute independently a shoot that could run in an upcoming issue around the theme of a boys’ baby shower. I was given some inspiration images and a plate to use, but the rest was on me. I got up early on Monday so that I could go directly to the shoot location to prepare before our photographer, the senior stylist, and a few of our VPs showed up. I could see my breath in the morning as I prepared, but by the afternoon it was so hot in the sun that I had wished I weren’t in a sweater. I was really pleased with how everything came together for the shoot and received positive feedback while on location. After the shoot wrapped a little before 4:00, I came home to unload everything and begin to sort out the props. I was pretty exhausted at that point and relieved to have that part of the interview process out of my hands. I am pretty sure I went to bed before 8:30 that night.


Tuesday was a much more normal day since I was back in the office. I had two pieces to finish up for our Winter issue that I worked on in the morning and then had a team lunch at Chuy’s to break up the day. I spent the afternoon working through expense reports, resources, and the January/February binder I had missed from the day before. After work, I decided to go for a run since I knew that with the time changing after-work runs would be a thing of the past, given how early it will be dark. I still ended up having to use my flashlight on the way back but was able to finish in time to eat dinner and catch up on the phone with a friend before going over to a friends’ house for a girl’s wine night while playing “spicy uno.” I’m not positive if my friends made up this game or not, but it way a lot of fun and a good way to mix up our routine on a weeknight. 

Wednesday at work was pretty normal, and I was able to spend a lot of the day planning ahead content for our social media. After work, I went to true40 and then quickly made dinner at home before bible study. There ended up being a smaller group of us, and we had already planned to celebrate Caroline’s engagement that evening, so we saved the chapter we read for this coming week and caught up with one another instead. Afterward, I headed home to shower and get a little bit of blog work done before I fell asleep.

Thursday was Halloween, which meant we had a breakfast party at work to celebrate and were told to go home at 3:00. Before heading out, I was able to finish up social captions and winter resources, which felt productive. I went home to change afterward since I was able to go to an earlier true40 class than usual. From there, I changed and was off to Macy and her roommates’ house in Homewood for their annual Halloween chili dinner, where we also pass out candy to trick or treaters. Macy’s roommate Sarah made the cutest appetizer board that was perfectly on theme for the occasion. My roommate and I headed out around 9:00 and were probably asleep before most of the trick or treaters that evening.  


Friday morning, I woke up to frigid temperatures making a sweater and a scarf finally seasonally acceptable! I went to Starbucks in the morning to respond to emails and get a bit of blog work accomplished before going into the office. I was working through scheduling some social media posts when I received a call from our HR director asking me to come to her office. I figured my day was about to get worse or a lot better, and fortunately, it was the later! I was officially offered the stylist role and met with our senior stylist after that meeting to talk through feedback from the shoot and discuss the transition into that position. I’ll officially begin that after Thanksgiving unless my position is filled sooner, and I am beyond thrilled that this position became open and that I’ll be able to fill it.

After work, I went to Starbucks to begin working on holiday gift guides for the blog (wild that it is already that time of the year). After being there for a while, I headed home to film a video before getting ready to meet my friend Allie at true40. After the class was over, we met Nell at Taco Mama, where our favorite waiter gave us plenty of margaritas to go around. On my way home, Nell had me stop by her apartment, where she had a card, champagne, and baby bites (a Birmingham favorite of mine) waiting on me to celebrate the promotion. I’ve always known I have great friends, but when they celebrate you this well, it’s just another reminder of that. After eating a couple, I went home to shower and quickly get ready before meeting some friends to head to a Halloween party. I’m not sure the exact number of people there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it neared triple digits at some points. We stayed for a while and ran into some other people we knew but were all back home before midnight. 

I woke up on Saturday morning to more great weather and treated myself to breakfast in bed while watching Amazon’s Modern Love and worked on blog content. After doing that for a while, I wanted to take advantage of the cooler temperature and went for a run. Afterward, I went to a new coffee shop in Homewood, Bandit, before running a few errands. I showered, did some laundry, and headed down the street to a friend’s house to watch the Georgia Florida game. That night Caroline and I had a dinner date at The Essential. I think I was getting over a cold, so getting in bed early and relaxing was at the top of my to-do list once I got home. 

Sunday, I started my morning at Starbucks before meeting my roommate at church. I went to Trader Joe’s directly after and came home to cook and begin switching my closet from spring and summer to my fall and winter clothes. That was quite the undertaking and was broken up with a phone call to my parents and meeting my aunt’s friend at a new wine bar in Mountain Brook. Once I got home, I made dinner, finished my closet project, and called it a night. 

I told you it was a busy week! Hopefully, yours was busy in a good way, and I look forward to catching you up on this week next Monday.

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