Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Graduation Gift Ideas for High School & College Girls and Guys

For many, May marks the end of the school year and the start of summer. Personally, I can’t think of the month of May without thinking about graduations. Both my high school and college graduations took place in early May meaning it quickly became a month of celebration. With those celebrations comes gifts which can be tricky to shop for if you don’t know the recipient particularly well. I was shocked by the number of gifts I received upon graduating high school and when thinking about it now (2 years after my college graduation) am still using many of the items I was gifted. 

The monogrammed towels I received are still in constant rotation in my bathroom, the David Yurman bracelet I got in high school has become an everyday accessory, the laptop I was gifted when graduating with my masters is used daily, and my Michele watch has kept me on time (or close to it) pretty much every day since I first set it. When I took to Instagram to ask y’all what the best graduation gifts you received were (aside from money or gift cards which are certainly appreciated), there seemed to be a trend that useful items tended to be the most loved and used. 

I did my best to include those suggestions in today’s post filled with ideas for graduation gifts. I was careful to select items that could work well for high school and college graduates alike and hope that you’re able to find the perfect thing to celebrate their accomplishment. Or, maybe you’re the one graduating and are trying to come up with ideas of what to ask for. Hopefully, this will help you come up with something as well. Just don’t forget to write a thank you note (cute personalized stationery for that can be found here).

To shop any of the items shown click directly on the product in the picture to be taken to where you can purchase the piece. 

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