Monday, May 20, 2019

Step Into My Week

Wanna hear some exciting news? It’s the last working Monday of May if you’re like me and get Memorial Day off! It’s to be determined, however, whether or not that makes this week go by faster or slower. This past week was a busy one for me, which made it seem to fly by. 

Coming into the office last Monday I knew things were going to be busy given that I had been off at the end of the previous week and we had a copy deadline and were shipping an issue this past week. That meant that after emails and social media comments were responded to I pretty much had my nose in my computer finalizing the products we needed in, finishing my copy, and reading through other team member’s pieces. I did get a nice mid-day break though to celebrate a coworkers birthday at Chuy’s. The rest of the afternoon was spent working on pieces for upcoming issues, packing boxes and loading the van for the following day's photo shoot, and making sure all the linens were crisp. I put off meal prepping on Sunday so I ended up coming home from work instead of going to the Y so that I could cook food for the week before watching the Bachelorette. Sadly my roommate had a meeting to go to so she wasn’t able to watch it with me, but tonight you can bet we will be camped out on our couch ready to see what happens. 

Tuesday was a long but fun day spent at an outdoor photo shoot. Fortunately, it didn’t rain, but there also wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, which meant that getting the lighting just right was a bit of a challenge. I went to the office before heading to that shoot so that I could get some work done and drive the van we loaded to the location of the shoot. The weather is definitely getting warmer, so I’m glad we were able to get this shoot in before it gets to be brutally hot in the coming months. I left the location of the shoot around 5:15 and headed back to the office to drop off the van and get my car before heading home. I decided to go for a quick run before showering, making dinner, and getting in bed early after a long day.

Wednesday morning I was especially tired and made myself an extra cup of coffee to have at work which ended up being the second extra cup I had given that the stylist I worked with at the photo shoot from the day before brought me Starbucks as a thank you for my help. Overly caffeinated, I spent most of the morning working on resources and copy for our upcoming issues while also preparing letters for the complimentary copies we send out. During lunch, I made a return for my mom at Saks, and the rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking boxes from the shoot the day before. After work, I went to the Y to get a quick workout in before coming home and putting Sister Shubert rolls in the oven and showering before our bible study brinner (breakfast-dinner). We had quite the spread, and everything was delicious and enjoyed with good company. Afterward, I came home and got in bed to read for a bit before falling asleep.

Most of Thursday was spent reading through the binder for our upcoming Porch special issue and finalizing those resources. I also got to move all of the pillows that have been stored at my desk for an upcoming photoshoot downstairs, which makes my cubicle seem a lot more spacious than before. After work, I headed home so that I could get ready to watch Birmingham’s minor league baseball team, the Barons. It started to rain before we headed out, so we decided to sit out the delay of the game at Good People, a brewery across from the stadium. It seemed like most people had that idea since we ran into a lot of people we knew. Luckily the storm subsided, and the game started about an hour later than planned. I couldn’t tell you the score or even what inning we left during since I continued to run into people I knew at the game as well. I think I finally was in bed and turned my light off somewhere near eleven that night.

Friday morning, I decided to get up early so that I could be at the Y by 5:00 to get a workout in before work. Most of the time this isn’t a possibility since I’m in the office by 7:00 but since I don’t start til 8:00 on Friday’s I decided to give it a go. Somehow, I still had time to shower, get ready, and enjoy my Starbucks Friday tradition even with an early morning workout. I spent most of my time at work preparing social captions for the following week before heading out at noon. I came home and made myself lunch before getting back in bed for the nap I had promised myself since I woke up.

Friday afternoon Rebecca, Nell, and I had plans to go to a free workout event at the Botanical Gardens that had been rained out the week before. It started raining on our way there but let up a little bit, so we decided to give it a try. After we checked in and got set up, it started to thunder and lightning, and while the instructors were adamant to continue the class unless it got worse, we decided to bail. It felt a little bit like that scene in Bridesmaids when the main characters are hiding behind the tree during the workout class since they didn’t pay and weren’t fully paying attention. We opted for dinner at Saw’s instead of Pure Barre in the rain, and I definitely think that was a good decision. After dinner, we went and got ice cream at Mountain Brook Creamery and then all headed back to our house to watch Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Passport to Paris.

Saturday morning, I slept in a bit before Rebecca and I went to one of our friend’s houses for brunch. We ended up staying there about an hour before heading to Nell’s apartment to sit by the pool. The weather was beautiful on Saturday, so by the time we left close to 3:00 the pool had gotten quite crowded. I came home to shower and hang out for a bit before we all went to dinner that night. We ended up sitting outside at Bottega, which was really fun (and delicious). I think all three of us were members of the clean plate club, which is always a good sign.  After that, Nell and I went and got a glass of wine on the rooftop of the Elyton before heading back for the night.

I went to church with Nell and Rebecca at 11:00 on Sunday morning and didn’t do that much aside from laundry beforehand. After church Nell and I made a Trader Joe’s run to stock up on groceries for the week. I had blog work that needed to get done so once I put some chicken in the crockpot and changed clothes, I went to the library so that I could be productive. I stayed there for a couple of hours and then went for a walk to catch up with my family on the phone. Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent attempting to get ahead for the week and included meal prepping, showering, and putting away laundry before getting in bed around 9:00. I ended up staying up until after 10:00 listening to the audiobook I’m getting close to finishing (All The Pretty Girls).

I hope that y’all had a great week and weekend and that your Monday is off to a good start! 


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