Monday, May 6, 2019

Step Into My Week

Please tell me I am not alone in last week feeling really long. Wednesday felt like it lasted two whole days and for a moment there I was convinced Friday wasn’t going to come. I have a shorter week this week since I’m traveling toward the end of it, so I do not doubt that this one will move along a bit faster. 

New candles from Salt and Shore that arrived in the mail this week. 

Most of this week was spent finalizing the issue that we shipped out on Friday and since it was all home interiors that meant that I spent a lot of time looking over the resources written for it and eliminating some and double checking that page numbers were correct. On Monday I also went through most of our social media comments from the weekend and finished my reading of the binder as a whole. In the afternoon I got to attend a workshop at work all about different flours and how they combine to form different breads. There was a lot of taste testing that went along with this which is ironic considering I don't really like bread. After work, I went to the Y to workout before coming home and showering before making myself dinner. I think I watched something on Netflix that night but can’t seem to remember what it was. I’ve been spending a lot more time than usual at night working on graphics for social media and posting content like that on Instagram. It seems like y’all are enjoying that so if you don’t already follow you can find me @prepinyourstep.

On Tuesday I did my best to get ahead on captions for social media for the first half of the month and also had a few meetings. Those meetings were in the afternoon, and one was covering an event we are planning later this year while the other one was our monthly web meeting. After those were over, I worked on sending out complimentary copies of issues to various people who helped us complete them before leaving at 5:00. I went to the Y after work only to decide that it was silly for me to run on the treadmill when the weather outside was so nice. I left after changing (ha) and drove home and went for a run around my neighborhood instead. Afterward, I showered and ate dinner before finishing the following day's graphics and heading to bed to read.

Wednesday was spent checking over resources one last time, finishing social captions through the middle of the month, and plugging images and captions into the social planning platform we use which ends up taking a while. I went to the Y after work and actually stayed to work out this time splitting up my cardio on the elliptical and stair climber before doing an arm and ab workout. I came home and got cleaned up before making dinner and catching up on my blog email. 

Most of Thursday morning was spent working on copy for an upcoming issue and responding to emails. In the afternoon I had a meeting with our editor to select products for an upcoming shoot. I had organized a few different color schemes for her to look at which was fun for me and turned out to be really helpful in the selection process. After our meeting, I worked to get in contact with brands to request those items. I skipped the Y on Thursday and opted instead to sit outside and work on some blog stuff. Time got away from me, and I didn’t come back in until close to 7:30 which made for me eating a late dinner. I showered and got in bed so that I could finish listening to the audiobook I had started last week which left me up a little bit later than normal.

On Friday morning I slept in a bit before heading to Starbucks to do some blog work before heading to the office. Friday was a lot like the rest of the week when it came to what I was working on. When I left at noon, I went to get my car serviced before grabbing lunch and heading home. I spent a little while there before meeting my roommate at true40 to workout. After the workout, we came back and decided to enjoy the amazing weather we had by walking to dinner. We went to Mafiaozos in Crestline and were able to eat outside. One of our friends met us there and ended up driving us home so that we wouldn’t have to walk back as it started to get dark. My roommate and I were both tired and ended up going to bed early that night. 

Saturday was supposed to be a wash with storms and hail, but the weather didn’t come until the afternoon. Instead, it was overcast all morning, and I felt like I was just waiting for the rain to come. Since I suspected the weather wasn’t going to be great, I decided to hang out at home for most of Saturday morning getting ahead on cleaning and laundry since I’ll be out of town this coming weekend. I eventually showered and got ready for the day since that afternoon a group of our friends went to a friend’s house a few streets down for a derby party. He had set up two different areas to watch it, and we ended up asking more questions about how the race worked than doing anything else. After hanging out there for a while, we left around 7:00 and I decided to get my Trader Joe’s run out of the way for the week. Saturday night is a great time to go since it’s not busy and they are restocking the shelves. I came back and put all my groceries away before eventually getting in bed. 

On Sunday I slept in a little bit before heading to a coffee shop to work on my bridesmaid toast for my friend’s wedding this weekend. I came home and had lunch before deciding to go to the library to try to write blog posts for the week. I came back home after a few hours of that and shot some pictures before going on a walk to talk on the phone with my parents. Later on, I went on another walk with a friend to get margaritas at Taco Mama to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The remainder of my night was spent showering, meal prepping, and listening to an audiobook before going to sleep. 

All in all, it was a pretty productive week and weekend. Here are some other things I’ve been up to lately:

Reading: Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley
I’ve talked about this book before but now that the release date is approaching you need to preorder it if you haven’t already. If you enjoy motivational/inspiring books where someone tells you how they got to where they are now, I think you’ll enjoy this. The author seems relatable and encouraging throughout which makes it seem more like you’re reading something from a friend than a book. 

Despite having a drawer full of different workout tops and shorts, I find myself constantly reaching toward the same pieces. Now that it is starting to warm up here, I need pieces that aren’t going to show the sweat that is inevitably going to occur with any physical activity outdoors (or in the gym for that matter) and also not feel tight on the body. I found some that I really like here that are affordable, but my size has been sold out. Hopefully, it’ll be restocked soon and I’ll part ways with my unworn pieces in favor of these.

Listening To: Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
By now I sure hope y’all understand my obsession with the Libby app. I just recently got off the waitlist for listening to this book and am about 2 hours in. It is told in chapters that go from then to now which can be hard for me to follow when I’m just listening, but so far I think it’s pretty decent. It’s a thriller so if you like that kind of book it may be worth adding to your list. 

Loving: Roots Hummus
Freshman year at Furman our dining hall was not the best. Luckily it got better over the years, but during freshman year I did discover the gem of all the food in there which would have to be Roots Hummus. An Asheville based brand, Roots hummus pretty much served as part of my daily diet. Fortunately, they sell it at Publix so now even two years post-grad I am still able to get my fix. Lately, I’ve been eating it with my lunch and dinner and don’t foresee myself stopping anytime soon. All the flavors are delicious, but my go-to is roasted red bell pepper. 

I was recently on the hunt for a new pair of white jeans after getting tired of constantly having to pull my old pair up. I knew I wanted some that were high waisted, skinny, and actually reached my ankles. You wouldn’t think that would be too tricky, but it was slightly more challenging than I expected. I finally found the perfect pair, and they are under $100! 

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