Thursday, May 9, 2019

April Favorites

Hello, May! I know I mentioned this at the beginning of the month, but it seems wild that we are already this far into the year. Last year at this time I was counting down the number of days until school was out for summer, so it seems too soon for that to be the case for teachers already (although I’m sure they disagree). Although I don’t have a real summer (although with grad school the past two summers I didn’t have one then either), I do have some fun travel plans on the horizon that I’m already looking forward to. Hopefully, that means I’ll be discovering lots of new favorites to share with y’all. For now, here is what I loved in the month of April.

I’ve talked about this product a lot lately (see it here and here), but it’s my go-to foundation. I think the reason I’ve loved it so much is because I went without it for a couple of months when I ran out and started using a different product instead. This one takes the cake over the other ones I’ve been attempting to use up. It’s especially great for summer since it has SPF!

Blue and White Romper (similar but more affordable)
This was a bit of splurge item, but when I found it on sale after having my eye on it for a while, I decided to try it. I wore it in Charleston for Sophia’s bachelorette and loved the mix of long sleeves with shorts. It seems easy to dress up or down, and I know that it’ll be my go-to when I want to look cute (and stay cool) this summer without putting in much effort.

At this point, Madewell sunglasses may as well be considered one of my vices. I got my first pair a few summers ago, received another pair in the same style for Christmas, and gave these a try this spring and still have, love, and wear all of them. I have a small face so finding affordable sunglasses that are made for adults (because yes I do own a pair of child size Rayban aviators…) and don’t look ridiculous is more of a challenge than you’d imagine. So, if you’re like me and need a smaller frame, Madewell has excellent options that are usually under $60!

When in Charleston, Sophia and I made going to the Lake Pajama store a priority. So much so that we went back twice. As if the gorgeous interior wasn’t enough, they had the pajama dress I had had my eyes on in my size in the store. After trying it on, I knew there was no turning back and I walked out of the store with it. It’s cute, breezy, and is sure to be my pajamas of choice for the summertime, especially at the beach. And in true Sophia/Dorothy fashion, we can add this to our list of matching pajamas we own since Sophia loved it so much that she purchased it too.

I feel like I should apologize for so many of my favorites revolving around Charleston but you know it’s a good trip when that happens. We went to a Candlefish candle making class while we were there and came home with two candles. I had forgotten how much I loved the scents Candlefish has since I’ve long since used up the original Candlefish candle I got from Anthropologie. I’ve been lighting the one I made in scent 68 a lot lately and love that it brings back memories of the trip.

It’s officially iced coffee season in my mind. Every year as it gets warmer I find that I switch from making a hot cup of coffee to pouring a cold cup of coffee instead before walking out the door. Since time in the morning is a valuable thing, I rely on the unsweetened Starbucks iced coffee that you can buy at the grocery store as opposed to making my own. With a bit of creamer and a large handful of ice, I’m set to go!

If you follow a lot of bloggers you probably already know about this app. Most of them are probably better about using the app than I’ve been in the past, but lately I’ve changed that. I post my outfits, shopping finds, and more directly to my profile on the app which makes it easier for y’all to find products that I’m interested in. If you have the app, you can search for me “prepinyourstep” and follow to see when I’ve posted new content there!

So there you have it, the random assortment of things I’ve loved this past month! If you have any new favorites, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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