Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

Father’s day is June 16th so now that May is almost over, that’s the next holiday I’ll be prepping for. I don’t think I’ll be with my dad on Father’s Day this year (but I do think I’ll get to see him the following weekend)!), but that doesn’t mean that finding a good gift to give isn’t on my mind. 

I’ve said it in year’s past but will repeat it, I feel like dad’s get the short end of the stick when it comes to the gifts they receive. Typically, the gifts they end up with are relatively practical since if your dad is anything like mine, then he goes ahead and buys anything that may be on his wish list. I don’t think I’d be overly excited to receive a tie or a pair of socks, but somehow dads seem to be pretty ok with it. I did my best to find useful items your dad may actually need and pair them with more fun items that would be entertaining to give as a gift.

Two years ago I gave my dad what will likely go down as the best gift I’ve ever given him (with a backscratcher as a close second), an Xtreme Driving Xperience. That was the first experience style gift I’ve given and the memories of that day are as much as a gift to myself as they were a gift to him. We both were able to drive Xtreme Xperience’s supercars in New Orleans, and it was an absolute blast. I shared a post all about that experience which you can find here. I also included a video of our day here. Fortunately, I think just about any guy would take an IOU for driving a sports car so this would be a great gift to give and schedule for a later date. They have some deals currently for Father’s Day (30% off with code SUPERDAD) so now is a great time to chat with your siblings (since I’m sure you’d hate to upstage one another with a gift this good) about opting in on this gift. I think my dad told just about everyone he knows about our day at the race track, which felt like a gold star gift in my opinion. 

If you plan to stick to items instead of experiences, I have included several great ideas below to make your lives a bit easier. To shop a product included in the image hover your mouse over it and then click. It should take you directly to the site where the item can be purchased in a new tab. Best of luck!

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