Tuesday, May 7, 2019

All Things Embroidered

If there’s anything that screams summer to me, it’s embroidery. There’s something about a crisp white shirt that makes such a statement thanks to the colorful stitching and designs often found on embroidered pieces. Many of you may not know this, but for a few years in elementary school, I used to take sewing classes. I got a flyer one day at school about classes being offered at a store locally and begged my mom to sign me up. I’m not sure why as an elementary school student I was so eager to take these classes, but it didn’t take long for me to better appreciate the pieces my mom and grandmother sewed for me and my dolls growing up. If I thought sewing was time-consuming, then it’s for the best that I never got too wrapped up in embroidery since it can certainly be time-consuming as well. 


Fortunately for those of us not looking to take up a new skill by learning to embroider, we have plenty of options for purchasing cute pieces online. Pomegranate is one of those places. When I went to Charleston, it only made sense to pack brightly colored pieces that matched the facades of the houses there. After falling in love with Pomegranate’s Indian Flower Resortwear collection, it didn’t take long for me to decide that their Navy & Fuchsia Raglan Peasant Blouse and Stripe Pink Mini Dress would be making the trip. Paired with my favorite hoops earrings and the cutest bow sandals they made picking out an outfit effortless. 



look 1: top // white jeans // sunglasses // sandals // hoops // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )
look 2: dress // sandals // hoops // watch // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

Beyond just offering cute clothing pieces that I fully plan to live in this summer, Pomegranate has an array of home goods such as table linens and aprons as well as travel bags and equestrian-inspired items, a nod to their Kentucky roots. If you’re on the hunt for well made, unique items for your closet or hostess cabinet Pomegranate is the best place to start shopping.


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