Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Best Gift I've Ever Given My Dad {Xtreme Xperience}

I am so excited about today’s post. I hinted at what I was up to in this instagram but am so thrilled to bring you along and share the details of the best gift I’ve probably ever given and it just happened to be for my dad for father’s day. There is a bit of a funny backstory to how all of this panned out so we will start at  the beginning.

At the beginning of February Alyssa from Xtreme Xperience reached out to me about coming to Charlotte and test driving sports cars as a Valentine’s Day gift idea for a blog post. The timing wasn’t going to work out as I was wrapped up in all things student teaching and I didn’t really think much about it. Then, at a fraternity function one of my guy friends asked me “what was the coolest email I had received recently” and since it seems like all guys are intrigued by cars I told him about Alyssa’s email and he and my date for the function were dying for more details. I didn’t really realize just how exciting driving sports cars was supposed to be until indicated just how cool of an opportunity this was and that I had to do it. Of course, they also offered to be my plus one for the experience but the gears in my head were already turning with a bit of a different idea.

After talking with Alyssa she and I agreed that an Xtreme driving Xperience would make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Once that was decided upon I could barely contain my excitement and called my dad to tell him about the best Father’s Day gift since I was too excited to wait and tell him in person. Since it was during work hours I asked him if he was busy since he seemed less enthusiastic and I didn’t want a stressful day in the office to steal my thunder with this amazing gift. After telling him that we would be heading to New Orleans to drive sports cars together for Father’s Day he immediately perked up a bit. Naturally, he googled Xtreme Xperience and started looking into just how much fun this was going to be for the two of us. At one point he even asked “are you sure you want to take me?” That right there friends is the sign of a great gift!

After working out the final details and dad telling *all* of his friends we were all set to go on May 18th. I’ll be the first to tell you (and my dad would definitely echo) that we had so much fun! I may have dug myself into a bit of a hole since I have no idea how any gift I give will ever top this one. We arrived at the speedway a bit before our report time and were able to take a peek at the cars (and a number of photos) before our classroom session and car driving experience began. By this point my dad was grinning from ear to ear and I was just hoping that actually driving the cars would live up to his expectations.

The classroom session that’s included in all of the driving experience packages was super informative but also a little bit intimidating. There was another group of people driving the same day as us so it was a big group listening to all the proper precautions to take when driving these cars. The instructor leading the session was great and super knowledgeable about everything which was reassuring but when he kept saying “spin out” and “don’t brake while you turn” I got a little bit nervous. I did not want to be responsible for messing up one of these cars and turning the best Father’s Day present into the most expensive one (fortunately you purchase an insurance package so that wasn’t going to be the case but it didn’t stop me from worrying).

The best part about the classroom session is that the keep reminding you that they want you to really drive and experience the car. The point is to go fast and be more reckless around turns on the track than you would be with your regular car (although one of the other men in our session was trying to get all of the details of how to take the governor off of his Prius to make it a bit more fun to each his own I suppose). There is a driver in the car with you guiding you through every turn and how to make the most of your experience which was so helpful and the first lap you take is really meant for you to get acclimated to the car and the track. My dad chose to drive the Ferrari and I was in the Lamborghini but there were a variety of cars to choose from which also varies the price of the experience a bit.

Before it was finally time to take off you put on your helmet and meet your copilot. They don't actually call them the copilot but I thought it would be a fitting name. My dad and I actually got to be on the track at the same time so we didn't watch each other drive until we watched the video footage taken inside the car that you'll get if you choose to purchase the media pack. Fortunately this meant that I don't have any helmet photos, what a shame! The first lap allows you to get a feel for the track and all the turns and information that you're given in the classroom setting. My copilot definitely helped me feel relaxed and talked me through every bit that I started to feel more comfortable behind the wheel and my dad said he felt the same way. After that first lap it's time for your three fast laps. I really started to feel comfortable at the end of my second fast lap and tested the speed a bit on the last one. I think I only got up to about 125-130 mph (laughing at myself for including the word only) but they say some more confident drivers get all the way up to 170 mph. By the end of the third fast lap I was feeling much more comfortable and definitely think I could've gone a bit faster had my time on the track not been over. After all the nerves of the classroom setting it really wasn't that scary when driving the car. I think the use of the word spin out just really got to my head! 

I am so glad my dad and I finished around the same time because seeing his reaction when he got out of the car may have been more fun than driving the car although I am definitely glad we were able to share that experience. He was all about it and had a blast. He made it up to about 135 mph but was a bit of a granny on the turns so I beat him in that regard (not that it was a race). He was cracking me up on the way home using the lingo we learned and instructing other drivers...mind you we were in a Prius so I honestly think he has the least amount of say when it comes to interstate driving. 

I actually vlogged the entire experience and am so glad to have this to watch and commemorate the experience. I know it is a day that both my dad and me will never forget but this will be so fun to have to look back on! After we finished on the ride home I was getting all sorts of texts from my guy friends thinking I was kidding when I drove a Lamborghini and I came to understand just how unique of an experience this was. This would be the best bachelor party idea especially at the New Orleans track although considering the cars travel to tracks all over the country it is worth seeing which speedway they will be at next to set up your own Xtreme Xperience. I am pretty positive any guy would be ok with an I Owe You if it involves test driving sports cars! 

I can't thank the Xtreme Xperience team enough for thinking of me for this and ensuring that I will never top this Father's Day gift. If you have siblings this would be the best joint gift to give and since coming and viewing as a spectator is free y'all should definitely go and watch your dad test drive the car since I can guarantee you his reaction when he is finished is worth the cost. Plus, Xtreme Xperience currently has a Father's Day promotion running that you won't want to miss! 


  1. This seems like such a fun date idea as well as a Father's Day gift!

  2. I loved your video on this!! This is definitely something that my dad would love also, it's a great gift!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. You hit the Father's Day gift right on the head! This is absolutely incredible!! My dad would freak out.

    Much love,
    Ashley |

  4. This is so cute! It's the perfect gift for Father's Days. I know my dad would love it.

    xx, Melissa


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