Monday, July 2, 2018

Step Into My Week

Happy July! It took me three different times to get July written on a graphic I was making because my fingers continuously wanted to type June. When I think back to the fact that my kids weren't out of school until the middle of June the month starts to feel pretty long, but I was able to pack in a number of things and even with that am unsure how it's already July. 

I didn't do all that much better about taking pictures this week so there is lots of room for improvement still. This week was the first one that I had class all four days, and it felt pretty busy. I had a paper due on Tuesday that I worked on for a while on Monday as my computer was turning off and on on its own. Tuesday morning I went to get work done at Starbucks before class which has become somewhat of a routine. It has been really rainy in the afternoons which has made it so that most of my reading for class is unfortunately not done by the pool but in our living room instead. 
Tuesday I also went to the apple store to look at some of the differences in the computers and ultimately ended up getting a new one on Wednesday. Wednesday night, Sophia invited us to see her new apartment and eat dinner together. Her new apartment is really pretty and I definitely think I would cook more if my kitchen looked like hers. She made a delicious pasta meal and we stayed and chatted for a while before Ellison and I went home. 

Thursday ended class for the week and ended our kickball season. We had two games that night and won the first one but lost the second. If you're looking for a fun way to get plugged into your community I would highly recommend looking into whether your town offers teams of this nature. After the game, our team went to a restaurant to order some appetizers and hang out before heading home. 

Friday, Sophia and I decided to start our day off with a cycling class at Cyclebar in Greenville. Although it was challenging (and left us very sweaty) it was a great workout and an even better way to kick off our weekend. We grabbed coffee and walked around downtown afterwards. Ellison and I then went to the pool for a bit that morning and I went back in the afternoon with another friend before getting cleaned up for dinner. We went to a sushi place that does half priced sushi during happy hour and then met up with some friends at a brewery to enjoy the nice weather we were getting. After that we decided to walk downtown for ice cream at Spill the Beans. As we were walking that way, a bug flew into my eye and stung it. I can gladly report that it is looking much better today, but at the time it was not ideal. 

I spent most of Saturday morning working on my final paper for class at Starbucks and then worked to make some more progress on Sunday. Saturday evening we had a housewarming party to attend for some of our friends who found a house to rent in Greenville. I was pretty impressed with how well put together it looked considering they have only lived there for a week. They hired a band for the night which made it especially fun. We stayed for a while catching up with people we hadn't seen in awhile and ultimately ended the night grabbing bagels and heading home. 

Sunday was spent doing some work and sitting by the pool briefly before a storm came in. I know this week will feel like an odd one since I'll finish up class on Tuesday and then head to the beach to celebrate the Fourth with my family. There is a lot to be done before then so my fingers are crossed that I can get it all done!


This week's "lately' section of my Step Into My Week post comes with a bit of an upgrade. Since y'all were very interested in having more video content this summer, I decided that sitting down to film the things I've been loving lately instead of just telling you about them would prove to be beneficial. It is my goal to have this in video form for the summer. There may be some weeks when it will have to be typed out again but hopefully it will be in video form more often than not. I have included links to the things I have chosen to talk about below the video and these can also be found within the description box on youtube. 

Watching: Southern Charm

Loving: RX Bars

Wearing: Soludos Espadrilles (also available here)

Listening to: Summer Playlist

Wanting: Lake Pajamas

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