Tuesday, July 10, 2018

TV Shows I Want to Watch this Summer

I think a better title for this post may be “TV Shows I Want To Watch Or Am Already Watching This Summer.” My taste in TV is kind of all over the place which will become pretty evident when you’re looking through the shows I’ve picked. I should also preface this by saying that I tend to use TV as background noise instead of fully directing my attention to a show. I like having something that is entertaining enough to keep me interested while allowing me to still get other things done simultaneously. My friends kind of hate that this is how I go about watching TV but that is how I’ve always been. 

Southern Charm
I’ve mentioned this on social media, but I have no idea how it took me so long to start watching this show. I’m usually not the biggest reality TV watcher but there is something about this show that has me completely drawn in. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a show based in Charleston following the personal and professional lives of different adults there. I should maybe use the term adult lightly since sometimes they don’t exactly act their age which makes for interesting TV. I am about to finish season 2, and I have been watching it on the Bravo app which happens to have all of the seasons even the one that is currently being shown. This would be the perfect show to watch with your girl friends with a glass of wine while planning your next vacation to Charleston.

Anne with an E
Did anyone grow up reading and watching the original Anne of Green Gables? The story is a classic. I can remember my mom and I watching the movies together when I was younger when my brother and dad were out of town which makes this the perfect show to watch with your mom or friends who grew up with Anne in their life. It’s a Netflix original and season 2 was just released! 

I started watching Riverdale in May, and I am already up to date with what is on Netflix. The show is definitely a little dramatized and I have heard it’s loosely based on the Archie comics (which I’ve never read and therefore can’t confirm) but based on my experience it is worth the watch. It’s more of a thriller/murder mystery than I expected which I think is part of the reason got hooked. This show would be easy to binge on a rainy day, and with longer episodes and more of them it’s easy to get hooked. 

Grey’s Anatomy 
I go through phases when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve watched five of the seasons and never really expect myself to get caught up with where the show is at on TV since it seems like it will never end. It can be a little difficult to “watch” the show as background noise since there seems to be a lot going on at once but when I start packing up to move next month maybe I’ll put it on.

Queer Eye
My friends have been pushing me to watch Queer Eye since the first episodes came out. They all got hooked so much show that they were emotionally attached to what was happening. Although I’ve watched a couple episodes and enjoyed it, I am not quite at the emotional attachment level that they are at. I assume I’ll watch it at some point but have been prioritizing some of the other shows instead. If y’all are really into Queer Eye I’d love to know if it took you a little bit to get fully hooked or if you were all in from the beginning. 

Let me know what shows are on your to-watch list as I'm always interested to hear of others I need to add to mine! 

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