Monday, June 25, 2018

Step Into My Week

It is crazy to think that another week of summer has flown by. This past week was filled with me trying to get back into a routine. I got back to Greenville from California on Monday evening only to discover that our wifi was out due to a big storm that happened over the weekend. After being on the go a lot lately I was so excited to work on blog posts from bed while watching a movie that night which was unfortunately not possible. Instead, I went to Starbucks to work on Monday night before coming back to the apartment to unpack, shower, and go to sleep early despite the difference in time zones.

Tuesday morning, I got up pretty early to work on some reading for class and blog work. I had class in the afternoon and opted to do my reading by the pool afterwards. That night, Ellison and I decided to watch a DVD I had of She’s The Man after confirming that Thursday would be the earliest day our wifi could get fixed. Wednesday was pretty much the same aside from having an afternoon storm that cut the time spent reading for class at the pool a bit short.

Thursday morning, I went to Starbucks early to work on blog posts and school work and came back to the apartment around 8:00 when the man came to fix our wifi. I enjoyed having the option of using my computer at home with that fixed and after class decided that watching Netflix before kickball that evening was perfectly acceptable. We were scheduled to have 2 kickball games that evening but with the afternoon storms we have been having, both games got canceled. Our team went to a brewery nearby to hang out instead. That night, a girl in our sorority in college stayed with us at our apartment which was really fun. It was good to catch up with her and hear about how she is enjoying post-grad life since she graduated this past May.

Friday we don’t have class which is really nice so I had some behind the scenes sort of things to work on when it came to blogging. Ellison and I also spent some time by the pool that morning before a relaxing afternoon. We watched Set Up on Netflix which was surprisingly good and called it a night. Fortunately, Saturday was more eventful. Ellison and I had decided that we wanted to walk downtown to the farmers market and grab lunch. The walk there from our apartment isn’t too bad and walking through the farmer’s market in downtown Greenville is always a treat. We ran into a friend there and all grabbed an early lunch at Happy and Hale, a salad place downtown. Ellison and I walked back and immediately changed into bathing suits to sit by the pool. We were out there for a while before coming back and showering and hanging out before getting ready to go to our friends’ apartment that evening for an apartment warming party they were having. There ended up being a lot of people which made it especially fun. One thing I’ve learned about Furman since graduating is that despite it being small, you definitely don’t know everyone. I’ve met a number of people who graduated my year that I had never even seen before which seemed unheard of while we were still in college. After leaving their apartment we walked downtown and went to a few places before heading back home for the night.

Sunday was spent trying to get ahead in the morning and enjoying more time in the pool with a big group of friends that afternoon. We had another storm that evening and Ellison and I used it as an excuse to be showered and in our pajamas before 6:00. We ate dinner and watched Southern Charm together before calling it a night.

Sadly, I forgot to take many pictures this week. I’ll try to be better about that for next week, so fingers crossed I remember!


I just teamed up with St. Martin’s Press to give away a copy of TheWife Between Us and a cute weekender bag on my instagram. Fortunately, the publishing team also sent me a copy to read. I am over halfway into it and am very intrigued as to what is going to happen. The plot has really started to pick up, and I know that the next time I pick it up to read it’s going to be hard to put down since there is a lot happening.

The second book I’ve been reading lately, Unequal Childhoods, has been for class. We read about a book a week with this past week not being an exception. This book is a research study about how class and race affects a child’s upbringing and future. Definitely not a beach read but if you were to need something of this nature to read for class it has been pretty interesting.

Watching: Southern Charm
My roommate has been trying to get me to watch this show since we moved in together. I didn’t purposely resist, but with it not being on Netflix I’d often forget about it as I was searching for a new show on there. Since we just got a new Apple TV and can download apps to our screen, Ellison had me check to see if we could download the Bravo App so that we could watch it. Well, it worked and I am now over halfway through season 1 and desperately want to make a trip to Charleston!

With many afternoons spent by the pool, I’ve found myself reaching for different swimsuits that tend to have a common thread, they’re from J.Crew. While I love trying to find unique tops that other people may not have, I know that J.Crew’s quality and styles won’t let me down. I love the blue ruffle scoop neck bathing suit top I got this spring so much that I knew I had to get it in black before it sold out. I also adore J.Crew’s bathing suit bottoms since they aren’t skimpy like so many of the bottoms other brands tend to release. If you haven’t checked out all of J.Crew’s extensive swimwear options, I’d highly recommend it.

Also, if you happen to know how to get rust stains out of bathing suits I’d love to know that too (also use this as a reminder to not dry your bathing suits over your shower curtain rod if you’re not sure how old it is). I have heard lemon juice and exposure to the sun but would love to know if that actually works!

If you read my May Favorites post last week then you may already know that I have been loving my scallop flatform wedges. They definitely look similar to a pair of Chloe wedges that are quite pricey but these are so affordable and comfortable. I’ve found myself reaching for them over and over lately!

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