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Nordstrom Sale Items I Own And Love + GIVEAWAY Hint

I want to start out today's post with a big thank you. Yesterday's post was one that I was a bit hesitant to share, but the messages I've received in response to it have been so encouraging and supportive which I truly appreciate. If you didn't catch the post which includes a big life update I'd definitely recommend it since it goes over the way I've been feeling this past year. 

Now back to the topic of today's post, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Since the sale opens to the public tomorrow, I decided that taking the time to share items that I already own and love from the Nordstrom Sale would give those of you gaining access tomorrow a look at some of the best buys that you'll likely wear season after season. 

For me, the Nordstrom Sale is a time to stock up on classic pieces. I don't tend to gravitate towards anything too trendy and instead like to look at what pieces I reach for over and over again that could use a nice refresh. I've shopped the sale since high school and over time have been able to build up quite a collection of items that tend to be re-released in the sale each year. From beauty products to shoes and house wears, even though the colors may differ a bit the products remain the same. Below you'll find tons of pieces either identical or very similar to pieces I own and love. If you're on the fence about any of these items I would say that going ahead and purchasing them now when they are on sale is going to be better than making it halfway through the season, regretting that you don't have it, and then paying full price. While I could talk for paragraphs about each of these items individually,  I've highlighted a few of the very best pieces below the image.

Barbour Waxed Jacket (also have and love the vest)
I've said this before but one of the best gifts I ever received was my Barbour Jacket. I got it freshman year of college and have worn it nonstop in the fall and winter ever since. I need to get it re-waxed this summer to keep it protected but everyone I know who is older and has one has mentioned just how durable these jackets are. While the one on the sale isn't identical to the one I own, it looks super similar in its dark color and waxed exterior making it worth it if you were considering one since it is over $100 off. You can see the guide I created to Barbour Jackets here if you're struggling to figure out what size you would want! When I was in London after sophomore year I purchased a vest that zips into my jacket for added warmth, and it looks equally as cute styled on it's own as it does under the jacket. I also have a quilted Barbour Jacket that is perfect in the spring time. While it didn't seem like the sale had any lightweight, quilted Babour Jackets, I did find this quilted Barbour that would be perfect for the fall and winter! 

Over the Knee boots were something it took me a while to fully adapt to. For the longest time I thought they were much to edgy for me and that I wouldn't be able to pull them off. After seeing so many friends in theirs over previous years I decided to give this exact pair a try during the sale two years ago. I was kind of picky when it came to what I wanted them to look like and somehow this pair completely fit the bill. With a flat bottom, tight but not too tight shaft, and waterproof coating I was sold and have worn them every winter since. Whenever I wear them my friends always ask where they are from and for a while Nordstrom didn't carry them any more. I am so glad that they have brought them back and have chosen to include them in the sale! This would be a great item to ask for as a gift and save until the time comes since you likely won't be wearing them any time soon. 

I am all about comfort in the winter and jackets like this one are constantly reached for. While the brand of my fuzzy jacket is different than that offered in the sale, the Nordstrom sale option is much less expensive while looking equally as cute (they look nearly identical). Think of it as an acceptable way to wear a blanket in public. While I know they may not be everyone's favorite thing, when I wear mine on instagram stories I always get a number of questions about where it is from and sizing. To address the sizing question, the jacket runs roomy so I'd say getting your normal size would allow it to fit somewhat oversized! 

Confession time...I think I own 4 or 5 different Longchamp bags. Judge me all you want but when you find something good you need it in multiple sizes and colors right? My favorite is my navy large le pliage tote as it is perfect for travel and toting around all my stuff. The sale offers both leather and expandable nylon versions and I would highly recommend looking into these. The expandable nylon one would be perfect to carry to class, as a gym bag, or even be expanded to take on a trip! These always sell out pretty quickly so if you're considering it I would act fast. 

Hunter Rain Boots (short & tall)
Hunter boots have been my rainy day staple since 7th grade when I first received a tall version of these boots. I have them in a deep purple color and while I love that original pair eventually decided to get a short pair. Now I wear the short pair more frequently, but you really can't go wrong with either option. I believe these are only offered in black during the sale which would make them a perfectly practical rainy day buy!

I hope this helps as you begin to add pieces to your cart in preparation to check out tomorrow! If you haven't entered the giveaway I am currently hosting for a $200 Nordstrom Gift Card definitely read how to enter here. We are now on Giveaway Hint #5 and I will be giving a few more hints on instagram stories this afternoon (if you didn't already catch the one I did last night without announcing it)! It ends tomorrow so get to entering!

Nordstrom Giveaway Hint #5:
I got this item and it may be my FAVORITE buy of the sale! 

And remember, all my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts can be found here in case you missed something! 

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