Monday, July 16, 2018

My Top Personal & Teaching Amazon Purchases

Happy Monday and more importantly, happy Amazon Prime Day! Instead of doing a Step Into My Week post today (don't worry, that will be ready for y'all tomorrow), I thought it would be a lot of fun to share my favorite purchases from Amazon prime. 

I have become all too dependent on Amazon over the years. In college, I had Prime student membership which meant that I could easily order textbooks, coffee, or even a dress or shoes for a function and have it in my hands in two days. Amazon has set the bar high when it comes to the speed in which orders are delivered. Now if I have to pay for shipping or if it is going to take a long time for something to come in I'll check to see if Amazon has the item before purchasing it elsewhere. If you don't have a Prime membership I would highly recommend considering it as it has definitely paid off for me over the years (you can sign up for a trial here and a membership here).

I distinctly remember Prime Day last year as I was sitting in one of my grad school classes and all of my classmates and I had our computers on Amazon's screen ready to shop. We were all about to have to set up our own classrooms and supply it with anything we could need and Amazon was a fast and relatively price conscious way of doing that, especially with Prime Day deals. From glue sticks, to a classroom rug, and loads of books most of my classroom supplies and decor were purchased using Amazon. In the graphic I forgot to include my absolute favorite teaching buy, my laminator (stock up on the pouches while they are on sale too). If you don't have one get one and thank me later. It's so satisfying to use. This summer especially, I've had a number of people ask for me to share some of my teaching must haves and what better day to do that than today when a number of these items are already on sale. 

I couldn't just share my teaching buys since I utilize Amazon Prime for pretty much everything. Below you will find both my top personal and top teaching Amazon buys. I noticed that a number of these items were already being discounted for Prime Day but know that the deals will continue to be updated throughout the day. If I could recommend snagging one thing it would be an Amazon Echo Dot since they are on super sale today ($29.99 instead of $49.99). I love mine and have even given one as a gift before. Also, the most asked about Amazon item I own is sold out in the exact version I've found but a similar one can be found here and here. Most of the deals will start today at 3 ET so go ahead and start adding things to your cart (and checking out if you'd like since it is free) and checking back for newly updated deals.

You can shop my picks by clicking on them in the graphics below, using the links below the graphic, or scrolling through the widget at the bottom of this page! 


row one:

row two:
one: Acrylic Chair // two: Le Pens (my favorite planner pens) // three: Gold Hoops

row three:

row four:
one: The Last Mrs. Parrish (or any book for that matter) // two: Pearl Earrings // three: Cannon Remote

row five:
one: Dr. Scholls Slip Ons // two: Lightroom // three: RX Bars

row six:

row seven:
one: Matted Frames // two: Formal Heels // three: Acrylic Shelf


row one:

row two:
one: Glue Stick Set // two: Magazine Files // three: Dry Erase Markers (you can never have too many)

row three:

row four:
one: Calendar Holder // two: Novel Sets // three: Paper Pockets (laminate them to last longer)


So how many items are currently in your Amazon cart after reading through all of this? 

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