Monday, July 9, 2018

Step Into My Week

Welcome back! I hope that your Monday is off to a successful start after a great weekend! Personally, I am not quite ready for this week to begin, but hopefully getting it started will make all the things on my to do list seem less overwhelming as they start to get checked off. I really can’t complain much considering I was able to take a bit of a vacation this past week. 


The week began with lots of time spent working at Starbucks to finish up my final paper for the graduate class I was in for the month of June. Although it wasn’t technically due until Thursday, we presented our ideas on Tuesday during class which certainly encouraged me to get it done. I was able to finish it up on Tuesday morning and submit it making my vacation that much more relaxing. After working for a while Monday morning and into the afternoon, I took a break to go to a cycling class that evening before grabbing dinner to catch up with my friend Caroline. Many of my friends and I were confused as to when the Fourth of July should be celebrated since it fell on a Wednesday this year and ultimately decided the more celebrating the better. Because of that, Tuesday night, a few of us went to new brewery in Greenville called YeeHaw. It has a great location and was pretty crowded, but we were finally able to grab a table and try a number of their appetizers. I have a feeling that as the summer progresses on we will find ourselves there more and more. After that, I went back to my apartment and did laundry, packed, and cleaned before leaving town the following morning. 


I flew out of Greenville on Wednesday morning and arrived at the beach before lunch time. If I am being honest, the Fourth of July never really felt like the Fourth. Regardless, it was so nice to spend time at the beach with my family. I took full advantage of being able to relax and not worry about class. Most mornings were spent on the boat fishing while afternoons contained lengthy naps before sitting on the front porch before dinner. Scout, the puppy my family got at Christmas, was the center of attention and my buddy the whole time I was there. I may have taught her some bad habits (including sleeping on the bed with me) but it was definitely worth it! 

I flew back to Greenville Sunday morning and was met with a little bit of dread about the week ahead. I met Sophia at Starbucks to begin to plan out what we are doing with the preschoolers we will be teaching as part of our last “semester” of grad school this month. I am a little nervous about teaching preschoolers, so I am especially glad that we get to do it together. Yesterday was also spent finishing up my first assignment for the class that begins today and making sure everything was in order for the busy week ahead. It had been a while since the Sunday Scaries creeped in, and I definitely wouldn’t be sad if they didn’t come back for a while. 



Nothing this week.



More Vacation! 

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Happy Monday!

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