Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Best Job Advice I've Received

I know what you're probably thinking, "Dorothy, you're six months into the 'real world,' how on Earth do you have job advice?" Honestly, I'd be skeptical too and for a while I was until I really started to think about it. In high school, I was fortunate enough to have a really amazing college counselor. Mrs. Willis worked for my school and helped all of the seniors work through their applications and decision when it came to where they wanted to go to college. Back then (and to this day still), I always wanted to be on Mrs. Willis' good side since I knew how much power she had in writing me a recommendation for whichever schools I decided to apply to. I remember going back for my first day of senior year with my common app nearly complete and the essays for the application complete and ready for Mrs. Willis to proofread. I'd like to think she appreciated my commitment to getting everything done early, but now looking back I'm sure she thought I was a bit of a dork (and she's not wrong in that regard). While Mrs. Willis was a HUGE help when it came to narrowing down where to apply, editing a number of essays, and helping with my college decision one of the things that stuck with me about her was a comment that she made that didn't fully revolve around college but instead what would happen after. 

Having attended a college prepatory school I always knew in high school that college would be my next step and honestly most of my classmates were in the same boat. The part that left a big question mark after the college decision was finally made was what am I going to major in and want to do after college? Enter the best job advice I've received...

I decided when I was little that I wanted to be a teacher. I've always loved working with kids and have been told over the years that I am pretty good at it. Aside from wanting to be an astronaut for a little while, I always thought teaching was for me. While I don't want to say it isn't for me, this job advice has made a lot more sense after being in college and entering into the real world. I am fortunate enough to be interested in a number of different things and as job fields have changed have noticed a number of jobs that I could see myself being passionate about. Had I been at the point in blogging that I am at now when I was in high school I think that teaching would have been way off of my radar. But on the other hand, technology and the jobs available at that time were vastly different than what is out there today. Now more and more, people are able to create the jobs they want for themselves aka many of the jobs you'll be applying to have not been created yet. There is something encouraging about this bit of advice even if it didn't fully resonate when I first heard it.

I'd love to hear any job advice you've received that has stuck with you or what dream job hasn't been created yet that you would LOVE!  

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