Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Novels With Nell - The Hiding Place

The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect for cozying up with a good book. With the cold weather, drizzle, and my Netflix fireplace going (highly recommend but don’t judge it til you’ve tried it) a book would have been the perfect companion. I opted to blog instead, but I am still going to take the mentality that it is the thought that counts!

Ironically enough, in my grad school class last night one of our supervisors started to rave about the book Tuesdays with Morrie. If you're curious of where you may have heard that before then it may have been in one of Nell's previous posts! Nell let me borrow some books before I came back to school and I'm semi embarrassed to admit that most have remained on the bookshelf. One of our assignments for next semester includes reading a book of our choice (semi related to education and perspective) and that was one book that was recommended. Maybe for this assignment I'll end up taking Nell and our supervisor's recommendations. I laughed a little when reading this week's Novels with Nell since Nell mentioned that she hasn't really had any books of interest lately. With that said I would like to say that I suggested The Woman in Cabin 10 which she tried and put down. Apparently we aren't the best at taking one another's suggestions.

When catching up on the phone on Sunday I asked Nell what book she would be talking about this week and got on a slight tangent about how interesting it is to read about the Holocaust and the people who survived the persecution and concentration camps. World War II and the Holocaust are something I've always found intriguing so her recommendation this week is surely one I'd be interested in!

I’ve been in a bit of a reading rut lately. I just haven’t found a book that’s grabbed me recently, but I haven’t really been looking either. That means I have to keep sharing old favorites, but I it’s kind of fun to reminisce on these books, and it makes me think of books I’d like to reread. The Hiding Place is one of those “reread” books. Corrie Ten Boom lived a quiet, most would say ordinary, life running a watch shop with her father and sister, Betsie, in the Netherlands. When WWII breaks out, the Ten Boom family hides Jews from the Nazis in their home, until they are discovered and sent to a concentration camp with the Jews. I could end it right there, and The Hiding Place would be another remarkable true story of the selfless people who helped Jews during the Holocaust, putting their own lives at risk. But what is different about this story is Corrie’s and her sister’s profound faith. Even in the darkest time imaginable, filled with extreme suffering, they holds on to their faith in God, and shows how even in the pit, He is still there. This is a great book, especially if you love history and WWII, but even more so for the example it is of the power of faith and the truth that we can never be separated from God’s love (Romans 8:35-39).

"“I pray that God forgives them...”
Corrie Ten Boom stood naked with her older sister Betsie, watching a concentration camp matron beating a prisoner. “Oh, the poor woman,” Corrie cried. “Yes. May God forgive her,” Betsie replied. And, once again, Corrie realized that it was for the souls of the brutal Nazi guards that her sister prayed.

Both women had been sent to the camp for helping the Jews. Christ’s Spirit and words were their guide; it was His persecuted people they tried to save—at the risk of their own lives; it was His strength that sustained them through times of profound horror.

Here is a book aglow with the glory of God and the courage of a quiet Christian spinster whose life was transformed by it. A story of Christ’s message and the courage woman who listened and lived to pass it along—with joy and triumph!”


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