Monday, November 20, 2017

Step Into My Week

Hooray for a short week! Last week I was in the ultimate get stuff done mood so that I wouldn't have to work on school stuff this past week and could solely focus on blog related things. I left school on Friday ready for the two school days this week and with everything done for the following week as well. I'm thrilled to not be taking work home with me to do so that I can instead spend time with my family and friends. That made this past week one where I'd leave school just for a change in location to work more.

It was American Education Week at school which made for another week out of routine with various dress up days and events. While I know this can be really fun for the kids I can tell we need our routine back. Hopefully after Thanksgiving break we can establish a little bit of normalcy before being on break again. The best part of the week was getting to wear pajamas to school on Tuesday. My students were a little in shock to walk into the room with their teacher in pajamas so I figured it was about time for me to break it to them about how much I LOVE matching pajama sets. I was bummed to have class that night since it meant changing out of my pajamas in order to get back into them later on. It was pretty chilly this week which meant cozy jackets at recess in an attempt to stay warm. We had a school t-shirt day on Wednesday and college t-shirt day on Friday so I am getting back into the routine of posting my outfits from the week but that should explain why an outfit is missing.

Aside from class and getting dinner with a friend on Thursday night most of my afternoons were pretty normal as well. I have been listening to Taylor Swift's new album nearly non stop on the way to school and on a couple of night runs, and while it is definitely different I like it. It's also helping me to hold off on listening to Christmas music just yet although I have on a couple of occasions. Friday I went straight from school to Starbucks and planned out lots of blog content for this week and next. While some may consider that to be more work it's the type of work that  I really enjoy and am glad to have as an outlet. I ended up staying there till some time around 8:00 before heading back to my apartment to shower and do a bit more work before bed.

Saturday was spent sleeping in a bit which was much needed. Then I went to one of my favorite coffee places in Greenville, Caviar and Bananas, to write posts and work ahead. I ran some errands and then ended up back at Caviar and Bananas later that afternoon (does that make a regular). Sunday was spent doing much of the same along with laundry and maybe turning on a Christmas movie or two with a pine scented candle. We may have even started with our Christmas decorating as well.

Last week was a busy one on the blog (and this one will be an even busier one) so I've included all the posts that went live so that you can stay up to date!

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Wishing you an easy start to your (hopefully) short week!

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