Monday, November 6, 2017

Step Into My Week

With a new week ahead that means we are one week closer to Thanksgiving! If you've been reading Step Into My Week posts for a while you're probably very aware of how ready I am for the break. In some ways it is crazy that it is already November, but in other ways it feels like it is about time. October, while it is one of my favorite months of the year, felt like a long haul. November brings family time, the approaching chaos of the holidays, and the anticipation of the weather actually staying cold. With Daylight Saving this weekend I have come to realize the one thing I wasn't ready for with November was the days getting shorter but more on that later.

This school week was much better than the last. It came with its own speed bumps, but for the most part I felt more in control of the situations coming my way. I was pleasantly surprised that Halloween and the day after Halloween weren't complete washes although those two days already feel like they happened ages ago. I wasn't as good at remembering to take pictures of my outfits in the morning this week and I also don't succeed at leaving school as early as normal, but I suppose there has to be some sort of trade off for the kids not being quite so rambunctious this week.

This past weekend was the first one in almost a month that I had nothing planned and it was about time for me to attempt to play catch up. Our first quarter ended just under two weeks ago so the pressure to get things graded ASAP hasn't been as evident so I evident but I definitely felt as though I spent the better part of this weekend doing school work. I was explaining this to my parents yesterday, but I often forget that I am currently in grad school working towards my Master's during the school week which leaves lots of work to do for that on the weekend. Despite trying to crank things out all weekend I still feel like there is so much to be done that I wasn't able to tackle. I am trying to remind myself that any sort of progress is positive, but I miss feeling ahead on things. 

Fortunately, even with my plan-less weekend I was able to find some activities to break up the school work. On Friday night I got home from school around 5:30 and showered before getting dinner with my roommate Ellison. We had every intention of going at a normal time but both ended up falling asleep until around 7:00 without meaning to. We were still able to grab a bite to eat at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants before coming back to the apartment to relax and hit the hay early. Saturday we spent most of the morning in our living room watching various shows, sipping on coffee, and attempting some school work. I was able to get close to half of my project that was due yesterday done on Saturday before a spontaneous drive through the mountains to catch the leaves changing at their peak. In college, going on drives was one of my favorite forms of stress relief so taking a drive and being able to see all the vibrant colors was a perfect escape. We drove to Caesar's Head State Park and stopped at Bald Rock on the drive back, and I don't think we could've caught the colors at a better time. That night I went to dinner at Sidewall (one of the best pizza places in Greenville) with a friend before coming back to my apartment to watch the Alabama game. Luckily, Alabama came out with the win and I was able to go to sleep at a decent time before enjoying an extra hour of sleep. 

Yesterday the weather was super dreary all day and it definitely had me in a funk. I wish weather didn't have such an impact on my mood at times but the overcast sky and night coming earlier made the reality of another week at school to prepare for more overwhelming than normal. I wish I could say I was able to tackle tons of blog posts and emails in addition to the work I had to do that was definitely not the case. I was able to get some outfit photos which I am excited to share with y'all in the coming weeks. I brainstormed a bunch of ideas for the blog and have something to post about everyday this month although I am not fully convinced that will happen due to a lack of time to write about all these different ideas. Keep your fingers crossed though and definitely stay tuned for some content I am very excited for. And in case you missed it, I have included all of my posts from last week below for you to catch up on. 

Blog posts from last week:

I hope that the time change didn't put y'all in a funk and that you have a productive and positive Monday! 

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