Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Step Into My Week

As much fun as all of the Cyber Week Sales have been I'm honestly pretty excited for them to die down. I took advantage of a few but all the talk of them has been kind of exhausted. For now you can count on gift guides and the occasional sale post from me but not for a little while. It's also a little odd to be posting this Step Into My Week on Tuesday instead of Monday (does anyone remember when Step Into My Week posts went live on Friday?). It seems like so long since the last Step Into My Week post but in reality I finally had a much needed break with some relaxing that has certainly helped to re-energize me. 

Despite only teaching for two days last week, Monday and Tuesday felt like an eternity. Coupled with the excitement of *finally* heading home, the energy the kiddos brought into the classroom (and in some cases, their attitude) made me so ready to with them well on their breaks come Tuesday afternoon. Both of my roommates hit the road straight from school but since I wasn't planning to start my 8 hour drive stuck in Atlanta traffic I stayed in Greenville until early Wednesday morning. I met with my mentor and supervisor from Furman since I have finished all of my observations so it was nice to get some closure in that regard to kick off my break. Then it was back to my apartment to pack and clean before attempting an early bed time. 

The color schemes of my outfits last week were all too similar. I suppose it is officially getting cold in Greenville if all I'm wearing is neutrals. 

(I wore these shoes over the break and my dad complimented them twice if that says anything about how fun they are!)

Wednesday morning I was up at 4:30 and on the road by 5:15. I have never made better time going home than I did this trip. I was back in Fairhope with enough time to stop at my dad's office and chat before taking lunch to my mom at noon. Major feat for an 8 hour drive if you ask me. Then it was straight to take a nap when I got home before getting ready and heading to Nell's house to grab dinner and attend a friend's deb ball. I've gone to this deb ball the past couple of years, but I definitely had the most fun this year. Bowen is a year below me and goes to W&L and has been one of my closest friends since high school. It's a running joke that she and her sisters are the sisters that I never had. It was so fun to see her after much too long apart and get to meet her friends from W&L that I've heard so much about. I also loved that Nell and I were able to go together and have a sleepover (aka get to be roommates again) and drive to both of our grandparent's houses the next day. Instead of buying a dress, I rented this dress and these earrings from Rent the Runway. I figured the dress would either be a hit or a big miss and am glad to say it was the first of the two options. I was able to see lots of friends their and still went to bed at a decent hour which was much appreciated after a very early wake up. 

I arrived at my grandparent's house around 11:00 on Thanksgiving and was happy to stay put there with my family until I left Sunday morning. There was plenty of food eaten, football watched, naps taken, and of course blogging done during this family time. With Christmas break only 16.5 school days away I am so looking forward to being back at my grandparents house with my whole family for Christmas. It may be a little more lively that go round but should be equally as entertaining. 

Since Sunday was the busiest travel day of the year, I opted to get up and hit the road around 7:00. That put me back in Greenville close to 3:00 with time to make a Trader Joe's and Target run before unpacking and decorating our apartment for Christmas. I will definitely be updating y'all on that but for now here is a glimpse of the cute (but dimly lit) wreath I found at Trader Joe's for my room. It makes the curtains look a little funny when I close them before bed but is too festive for that to bother me much! 

I hope that y'all had a wonderful break (if you got one) and are as excited to get into the Christmas spirit as I am!

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