Monday, November 13, 2017

Step Into My Week

Just two more Mondays before Thanksgiving break! I just keep telling myself I can make it so let’s keep our fingers crossed that getting to that point isn’t too overwhelming and challenging. It seems a lot closer when I think of it as 1 Friday and 2 days though so if you need that mentality as you hopefully prepare for a brief break of your own, it’s all yours.

I’ve discovered that most weeks go by relatively fast (although the days feel very long) but this one went pretty slowly. I am definitely not adjusted to this time change just yet and can confidently say that I am not a big fan of how dark it is so early. On Monday when I was driving to school I felt a little panicked since I am not used to it being light out when I leave and I inevitably felt like I was running late. Pretty sure getting to school at 6:40 doesn’t constitute being late, but it’s amazing what some daylight can do to mess with your schedule.

My students were for the most part pretty good until our field trip on Friday. Anything that can mess with their schedule is sure to make our day a bit more chaotic, but for the most part we made it through the week without any major incidents which is a definite plus. It was crazy to be driving home a couple of days this week and have the sun setting. I wish I could say that helped me to continue to adjust my bedtime to be a bit earlier but that wasn’t exactly the case. As a bit of a reward for experiencing less daylight and colder temperatures I’ve broken out some of my favorite Christmas pajamas and have listened to the occasional Christmas song. Since I am so excited for Thanksgiving though, I am not in full on Christmas mode yet. I have been shocked to see how many people already are though.

This weekend I was able to start planning ahead with what type of content I want to post towards the end of this month and into December. If y’all have anything in particular that you’re hoping to see definitely let me know. I have a few new, fun ideas up my sleeves and hope that y’all are as excited to see them as I am to get to posting them. I purposely planned this weekend to be more of a “me” weekend as I mentioned on Friday. It was so nice to have Friday night to get things done around the apartment and get a head start on next week without the stress of it lingering like can be the case on Sunday. Saturday I got breakfast with Sophia and some friends and spent most of the day in Starbucks planning out content. I went for a drive to listen to Taylor Swift and had a casual dinner with Porter that night before playing Rummikub and heading back to my apartment to watch the Alabama game. Talk about a nail bitter. Yesterday was rainy which was a bit of a bummer since I was supposed to go on a hike but ended up getting lunch as a solid alternate. That afternoon was filled with grading some papers and working ahead on the blog while attempting to stay warm. It has been super chilly here as of late (which I love), but it makes me miss the sweaters that are in my closet at home even more.

I keep forgetting to take outfit pictures during the week and will try to be better about that this week. Are those something you miss seeing or are you kinda eh on them?

I’ve always been obsessed with the Everygirl, but the past couple of weeks I have been LOVING their articles. Below are some of my favorites.

(If this isn't sure-fire proof that I love self-help related things then I don't know what is...)

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Wishing you a short Monday and a great start to your work week.

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