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Gift Guide: What To Ask For When You Don't Know What To Put On Your Christmas List

Now that Thanksgiving and  Black Friday have officially come and passed I have a feeling that it will feel like full on Christmas until the 25th. It's crazy to me how early stores began setting up for Christmas this year. I will admit that I've turned on Christmas music a few times for a brief stint of cheer and last night I most certainly slept in some Christmas pajamas. Now that we don't have to feel guilty about that anymore, it's time to make those lists and check them twice (especially since Christmas is in exactly one month). If your family is anything like mine, they expect my list right around Thanksgiving. I took a poll yesterday on instagram (@prepinyourstep) and saw that most of y'all also have the expectation of finishing up your list that early as well. Regardless of when your list is due I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of go-to items that would be great to ask for when you have no idea what to put on your list. As I've gotten older I've found it harder and harder to come up with a list (and my birthday is the day after Christmas so I really feel like I need to get it together). Many of the items on my list end up being bigger ticket items so my lists are a bit slimmer. In case you missed it, I shared  the best gifts I've received in a post the other day that may help you along with this post to build your own list. 

While I don't usually post on the weekends I figured it would be helpful to share these things while there are so many sales going on. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what items are on my Christmas and Birthday list this year to continue to build on your list or treat yourself to something during these  Cyber Weekend Sales

patagonia pullover // A cozy pullover that is a little more fitted and looks acceptable worn out and about is a great staple to have in your closet. I have this jacket and find myself wearing it all the time when I need something warm to throw on either with jeans or workout clothes. Fortunately, the jacket is thick enough to be warm but thin enough to layer under additional jackets if need be. 

monogrammed stationery // Growing up in the South I have learned the value of a timely thank you note and a well placed monogram. Over the years I've collected enough monogram stationery to last until I get married (and that's not going to happen anytime soon), but if that weren't the case I'd be itching to add this set to my collection.

gold hoops // Until junior year of college I pretty much exclusively wore pearl earrings. I have really small earlobes and a pretty small face and somehow got in my head that any earrings other than studs of some sort looked odd. That was until I got this pair of gold hoops. They come in a number of sizes and colors and I love dressing up an outfit by putting these on. 

j.crew new balances // A pair of tennis shoes that actually look decent with jeans can be a real game changer in your wardrobe. I was able to get this pair of J.Crew and New Balance tennis shoes last year and am so glad to see them still available. I wear mine all the time and if you don't have something similar am sure that you would find them just as perfect.

michele watch // Definitely a big ticket item to add to your list but I wear mine every day and it was one of those gifts that I didn't know I "needed" until I received it. Michele watches have a number of different bands to choose from and look amazing styled with other bracelets. 

barrington tote  // Tote bags are one of those things that I can never seem to have enough of. A high quality one that I can lug to work but also tote around on the weekend as needed can be a hard find. Fortunately, Barrington Gifts gives you the option to customize your own totes making this the perfect piece for you based on what you're looking for. I've been wanting this particular one for a while now but can't quite justify it with two other of their styles already in my closet. 

day designer // A good daily planner is essential to my sanity and I've sworn by Day Designers since sophomore year of college. If you're in the market to get organized this year and love a to-do list as much as the next girl this would be a practical gift for you. 

pajama set // When in doubt, a pajama set is my go-to gift to ask for or to give. J.Crew makes some super cute ones, but recently when browsing at Target I discovered they have some equally as cute and more affordable options as well. There's something about having on a matching pajama set when I go to bed that makes me feel more put together come the time my alarm goes off. 

classic pair of skinny jeans // Jeans are expensive especially a good pair of jeans. Fortunately, they can last a while too. Jeans aren't something I want to have to purchase myself so using your Christmas list as an excuse to ask for a new pair is the perfect solution. 

cozy scarf // Sometimes it is hard to be excited about the winter (at least after Christmas)and colder weather. Fun outerwear really makes a difference. This oversized scarf more closely resembles a blanket than a scarf if you ask me which makes it that much more perfect. 

roomy monogrammed duffle // I use duffle bags all the time. For quick weekend excursions or even packing up stuff for a blog shoot I have a couple of go-to duffles that I know will do just the trick. The size and style of a duffle bag make a difference and it's important to make sure it is roomy enough to fit all you could need for a quick trip. I was immediately drawn to the monogram and shape of this duffle and know that it would be the perfect companion for a number of occasions. 

Since yesterday's sales will be running all weekend and likely get a revamp on Monday I don't want you to miss out on the posts that have already gone live to help you shop:

Since this is the first of my gift guides of the season I thought it may be helpful to give you the run down on how to shop these easily. All of the gift guides I create this year and have created in years past can be accessed by clicking on the  "gifts" label underneath the post or on the right hand side of the bar. From there, you'll be able to scroll through a number of different gift guides I've created for various recipients which will hopefully help you shop for everyone on your list and ensure that the holidays are a bit less stressful. If you have someone specific that you are shopping for and need ideas please be sure to let me know by commenting on my blog posts or instagram posts. Over the years, picking out and giving gifts to my friends and family has become one of the best parts of the holiday season and it is my hope that these guides will allow you to have that same feeling! 

Shop the pieces featured here: 

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