Friday, September 29, 2017

Products I Always Have On Hand

I am in so many ways a creature of habit. From enjoying a routine and schedule to gravitating towards the same products on a daily basis I am really not that spontaneous. As a first year teacher, I don't think this will be my year for spontaneity either. So, instead of try to deny it I thought why not share some of the products that are a part of my daily routine with you! Hopefully you weren't too confused by how these items fit into my life just by looking at the picture but the information below the image better elaborates on why I always have it on hand and any other details you may be dying to know.

La Croix
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how quickly I can go through La Croix but it really is my go-to drink aside from coffee. The lime, grapefruit, berry, and tangerine flavors are my favorite. When I found out I was in a kindergarten classroom this year with a refrigerator I was most excited about the prospect of storing La Croix in it and so far that's exactly what I've done!

 K Cups (My favorites are Donut Shop and Starbuck's House Blend)
One of my roommates and I have been alternating whose turn it is to purchase k-cups for our coffee cart since we are both avid coffee drinkers. We buy 72 K-cups at a time (of our favorite Donut Shop  coffee) and we are already on our third rotation. I have at least two cups in the morning and if I get home early enough it's not a rarity for me to have some in the afternoon as well. 

JIF Peanutbutter
If you know me in real life then you probably already know what an essential part of my diet peanut butter is. Every morning I have a waffle with peanut butter on it for breakfast. Between that, peanut butter granola bars, and pretty much anything else with peanut butter I'm sold.

While my skin is pretty normal but in the fall and winter can get pretty dry. A good moisturizer has been a lifesaver during that time. I've been changing up my skincare routine and have been loving this Beauty Counter Adaptive Lotion. I use it at night and in the morning and found that it layers well with tinted moisturizer too! 

Dry Shampoo
College is full of life lessons and one that I encourage everyone to learn is the convenience of dry shampoo. I am a big fan of dry shampoo as a time saver at night. If you have dark hair a colored dry shampoo is super helpful but I also really love the Dove dry shampoos! 

I am definitely not a makeup pro and rely on tinted moisturizer when I am getting ready in the morning. I especially like ones with a bit of coverage and plenty of moisture for a long day ahead. My skin is far from perfect so it's nice to know that not only will it be covered but it also won't feel super dry and flaky.

Dove Deodorant 
While I definitely wouldn't say I am picky about deodorant after trying this at the barre studio I go to I was hooked. A spray deodorant may sound a little bit funky but it dries clear, smells good, and is so quick to use. It has been my go-to ever since discovering it.

Day Designer
I am an avid planner. While I haven't been using my Day Designer quite as often as I did in college I still rely on having my daily plan written down. Whether it's a Target planner or something like a Day Designer I don't know where I'd be without a bit of organization.

So there you have it, some of the products that I like to always have on hand! I'd love to hear your go-tos!

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