Friday, September 1, 2017

August Favorites

August is officially over and I actually remembered to do my monthly favorites post in a timely manner, shocking I know! I really am trying to do my best to balance blogging and teaching and this month I am especially thankful for the positive distraction that blogging can be. Many of you know that I created Prep In Your Step to serve as a creative outlet in high school and carried that mentality with me through college and am eager to continue that into the real world as well. Although sometimes getting a blog post totally together can seem like another to-do list item it is a productive use of my time and often helps me to rethink what I'm doing and make better decisions. While it has been hard for me to have week days without post I know that routines take time to develop. One "routine" so to speak that I've been trying to keep up with is a monthly favorites style post. Here you can find 9 items I've been loving this month and why.

Halo Top Birthday Cake Ice Cream
My day is not officially over until I've had something sweet to eat. Dessert is my weakness and I think I'd choose something sweet over something salty 9 times out of 10. While I am learning a new routine and finding less time for workouts it would probably be smart for me to cut back on the sweets but I'm not trying to be miserable. Instead, Halo Top Birthday Cake ice cream is my go-to. The entire pint of this ice cream is 280 calories and broken up during a few sittings makes it the perfect sweet snack to indulge on. I LOVE birthday cake flavor and have trouble finding it in other brands so the fact that Halo Top makes a delicious rendition is pretty awesome. 

Madewell Sunglasses
These sunglasses have been my go to pair this summer. I have a really small face so oftentimes I have to rely on kid's size sunglasses but when I saw these online (and for a good price) I decided they were worth a shot. I was thrilled when they didn't overwhelm my face since I loved the combination of tortoise and blue lenses. They are reasonably priced and come in a number of colors so even if this exact pair doesn't strike your fancy be sure to check out the other ones in the same style. 

When I started moving into my classroom it honestly looked like I was moving in with the number of bags I had as well as thesis of those bags. Now that the school year has begun and I don't need to carry around quite as much I've been able to go back to using this cute tote. With a name like Dorothy it's only fitting to have a solid amount of blue and white gingham in your life and this tote provides that and enough professionalism for it to be the perfect teaching tote.

I'm not quite sure when my coffee habit became so routine but I have become a creature of habit with one cup of hot coffee while I get ready and a cup of iced coffee for when I get to school. The only problem? Lately I've been getting ready in the morning without wasting much time so I would be leaving about half of a cup of hot coffee if I didn't find a way to transport it to school. Enter the cutest coffee numbers from Sweet Caroline Designs. I am obsessed with all of her pieces and can't wait to share more about her products with you but for now it's only fair to share how perfect these coffee tumblers are! They keep my coffee hot for a while, look precious, and even have a spill guard which is so necessary when I start my commute around 6:20.

Admittedly, I ordered this book at the beginning of the summer and didn't make much progress. I made reading at night a priority for about two nights but then put it off. Since making my bed time even earlier at night I've needed a better way to wind down and this book has been my wen of choice. I loved the book Love Does written by this author's husband and have enjoyed that this book is set up in a similar way with each chapter serving as an individual story. I have been trying to read a chapter each night and really like the perspective provided.

I have found myself having 12 hour days at school and considering it is my place of work I've decided that I should probably at least attempt to look decent. This foundation is amazing and exactly what my skin needs on those long days. It's pretty liquid which is nice when applying it and it has surprisingly good coverage that lasts most of the day. I am all for quick products like this and the price point makes it even nicer!

Scotch Laminator
Hi dad, I know you're going to laugh when you see this. I could honestly write a love letter to my laminator because of how nice it is to have as a teacher. Call me excessive (and please do since I did the same thing to Sophia) but I have a personal one at home and at school to make my life easier. It's also super therapeutic to use and is nearly as good as getting freshly dried clothes out of the dryer when you take the sheet out when it's finished. 

I am usually not someone to fly through shows or binge watch something on Netflix unless it's incredibly intriguing to me or I'm multitasking. Watching Revenge fell into both categories. Unfortunately it came off Netflix on the 28th (before I could finish the end of season 4 so if you know where I can watch that let me know) but it's a fun mystery style show to watch. While at times it felt kinda soap-opera-esque I still was hooked and want to know what happened! 

I have been loving this watch that I got for graduation for a while as an accessory but now that I've started teaching I am especially glad to have it. I am constantly looking at my watch when it comes to pacing my lessons or my students to complete their work so for practical reasons I love it even more. Although it is definitely an investment I feel like my outfits look more complete when I wear it!

I'm sure I could ramble about plenty of other things I've been enjoying this past month but I would rather you share some of your favorites below as well! I'd love to give them a try. 

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