Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blogger Bloopers vol. 3

I hope that y'all are all powering through this week. Today I am willingly sharing embarrassing photos of myself on the internet. Quite honestly, I love sharing blogger bloopers with y'all. Hopefully it serves as a necessary reminder that just because I post "put together" photos most of them are actually a little bit more like this. I am definitely grateful to have friends who are so patient with me when we are taking photos since more of the photos than I'd like to admit look a little something like this. I hope y'all enjoy this look behind the scenes, but be sure to check out the actual posts in the link above each outfit! 

Instagram with Sant and Abel

Not Yet Featured

I honestly don't think I could recreate some of these faces if you were choosing to pay me to do so. Hopefully these don't come back to haunt me someday! 

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