Monday, October 2, 2017

Step Into My Week

Happy October! Yesterday morning I woke up in the best mood and I am fully convinced this cooler weather is to thank. October may just be one of my favorite months of the year so hopefully this good mood will continue on as the month progresses. 

This past week teaching was definitely better than last week. I still feel like I am living weekend to weekend and with a few schedule changes I'm looking forward to some consistency this week. Unfortunately I already have meetings lined up for the next 3 days so even with that hopefully I can stay on top of everything. To be determined. 

dress (old) // necklace // watch 

top (on sale and multiple colors) // pants // sandals

(I forgot to get a picture of what I wore Thursday, oops).

top // jeans // shoes // watch

Friday afternoon I left school pretty early with no work to take home which is a rarity. I grabbed an early dinner with friends at Chipotle and then came back and clean day apartment before an early bed time. Fridays have officially become the day of the week in which I do very little at night since I tend to be completely wiped out from the week. It was nice to knock out vacuuming and cleaning Friday night instead of saving it until Sunday which I normally do since I was able to enjoy how neat and tidy everything was all weekend. 

Saturday morning I had to get up early to take my car to get serviced. I wasn't even mad about that since the weather was finally cooler that morning. I ran some errands afterward and came back to eat lunch and hangout before plans with friends that evening. I finally hung curtains in my room and couldn't be more thrilled that I can now sleep in complete darkness. I am excited to show y'all my room relatively soon but there are so many little things that I'd still like to do first. Saturday night I headed over to a friend's new apartment before meeting up with some of our other friends downtown. We bounced around to a few different places and the settled at a bar to watch the football games. Alabama fans are certainly a minority in Clemson territory but fortunately the game was on. As great as it was to see Alabama get another W I think the highlight was Troy beating LSU. Sorry in advance to any LSU fans. 

top // bag // shoes

Sunday was pretty laid back. With very little work to be done and a true fall morning I took it easy and had my coffee with our balcony door wide open to enjoy the cooler temperatures. I did some laundry, watched a bit of TV, and straightened up my room. I completely ignored the fact that I need to switch my closet from my spring/summer clothes to my fall/winter ones so that may have to remain on the to-do list for next weekend. That afternoon Porter and I decided to go roller blading and I can't tell you how happy that made me. I have always LOVED rollerblading so it's fun to have a friend that loves it just as much. We ended up going about 6 miles and decided that it definitely beats our normal Sunday walks. I grabbed dinner with my little last night before showering and trying to prepare myself mentally for another week. 

In case you missed any I've included last week's posts below so that you can get completely caught up! I would love to hear what type of content y'all would like to be seeing this fall since I am trying to stay on top of both blogging and teaching full time! 

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