Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Sunday Routine with prAna

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It wasn't until graduating college that I really got a taste of what people meant when they referred to the Sunday Scaries. Yes, in college you have another week ahead of you and likely have homework to do and tests to study for but you also het some time throughout the week to accomplish these things. As I've entered into the "professional world" (does teaching count as professional if I am working with children?) I've realized just how real the Sunday Scaries can be and how important it is for me to make the most of my Sundays in order to prepare for the week ahead. Forget Sunday being the day of rest because instead I choose to utilize my Sunday to get things done so that when I come home from school and meetings after work I may get a moment of rest on weeknights instead.

So while ignoring the idea of Sunday being the day of rest I should also admit that I also end up ignoring the concept of Sunday bests. Since I am no longer in college and can't get away with occasionally wearing workout wear throughout the week I like to be comfortable on the weekends and especially on Sunday. I love that athleisure has become such a trend since there are so many ways to look cute while still being really comfortable. I recently discovered prAna and was so impressed by the versatility of clothing they offer from comfy loungewear to pieces that are completely practical to wear out and about to feel put together in. While I opted for a more casual look for my Sunday routine it's a combination that I wouldn't hesitate going out in public in due to it being equally cute. And as if you need another reason to opt for something comfortable to go through your weekly routines prAna shared an awesome video all about Why Organic Cotton Matters that is worth a watch. One of prAna's visions is to make clothes that help you thrive in any environment and these pieces do just that. 

So now that you've got the perfect pieces for relaxation and getting things done, you can find me wearing this outfit to complete my Sunday routine which includes the following:

Clean & Do Laundry
I may be in the minority of people who love to clean. There is something about cleaning that makes me feel in control and put together. Sometimes I'll clean a bit on Saturday so that I don't have quite as much to do on Sunday but I tend to vacuum our apartment, wipe down the counters and mirrors, clean my bathroom, and every other week I'll stiffer any wood or tile spaces. Knowing that I am starting the week with a clean apartment calms my nerves about having 5 days of 5:15 wake ups and afternoons when I never know when I'll actually get home. Coming home to a dirty space would not be relaxing so I try to avoid that at all cost. Additionally, the weekends are usually my time to do laundry as well. Maybe y'all aren't surprised by my weirdness at this point but because of my laundry detergent I actually LOVE doing laundry. I wash my sheets every other week but usually have accumulated enough laundry from the week to do a load of clothes and towels to make sure everything is fresh and ready for the week.

Meal Prep 
This may be my least favorite part of my Sunday only because I tend to stick to the same recipes each week. Having all of my lunches and dinners (and even snacks already in their zip locks) makes so much of a difference during the week. I usually carve out an hour to an hour and a half to knock this out in preparation for the week ahead. This week I'll be having a few different salads for lunch at school and turkey rice bowls for dinner. I even decided to make some delicious and filling peanut butter granola bars to have as a snack throughout the week as well. Doing all of my cooking on one day helps to keep the kitchen a bit cleaner during the week and emptying the dishwasher a chore that only has to be done a couple of times.

Schedule Content 
This is one routine that I am still trying to get into the habit of as I am not used to not having much time at night to work on blogging related tasks. Scheduling out all of my blog posts over the weekend allows me to be better at responding to emails, highlighting my posts, and sharing my content throughout the week in a stress free way. Usually if I miss a post on a weekday it is due to me not planning in advance so I've been trying my hardest to make sure that this is done in advance. Fortunately this is a task I love doing and am able to do while sitting in our living room with my roommates while watching my newest guilty pleasure, New Girl.

Go For A Walk & Call Home
Since a lot of my Sunday rituals involve accomplishing tasks inside my apartment I make a conscious effort to make sure I get out of the house and enjoy the fall weather we've been having in Greenville. Since I tend to call my parents on Sunday anyway I have found a park near our apartment to walk through as I update them on what's been going on here while also hearing about anything exciting happening at home. These walks & talks have become one of my favorite Sunday rituals as they are relaxing and remind me to take time for myself and enjoy where I am right now.

Plan For The Week Ahead & Relax
I'll be the first to admit that I am not very good at relaxing and also have found that with teaching there is no way to feel ahead. So instead of stressing I've been trying to make sure that I am relaxing and doing what I can to plan for my week. From scheduling in workouts, writing down tasks, responding to and drafting school emails, and even closing my computer to enjoy my friends company Sunday nights spent with other people make the approaching Monday seem to loom a little less. The more I know what to expect for the week ahead the more prepared I feel and in turn the less terrified I am. 

sweater (c/o) // pants (c/o)
couch // blanket // rug // pillows (similar)

With clothing that is Mindfully Made and my effort to get in the right mindset I can't recommend prAna's clothing and preparing for the week ahead over the weekend enough! If you're interested in shopping prAna's pieces be sure to use the code F17CGDW for an exclusive discount! Learn more about prAna and see all of their cute and comfortable clothes on their site!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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