Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Step Into My Week

A little bit different sharing my Step Into My Week post on a Tuesday but I didn't want to skip it for the week just due to the excitement of the Lilly Pulitzer Sale. I wish I could say that this post was going to be filled with exciting events but with our first week of school this past week I spent long hours in my classroom with very little socializing with people not in fourth grade. 

Monday we had a meeting in the morning and had to be out of the school at noon due to the Solar Eclipse. Holy cow was that cool. Despite a stressful morning coming back to my classroom with everything rearranged due to the installation of my projector I managed to make it home to watch the eclipse with friends before the last minute stress of the students coming the following day. Greenville was quite the hotspot for the Eclipse and although I was paranoid about making sure to use my glasses properly it was such a cool thing to experience. 

Tuesday was our first day with the students and I was surprised that I wasn't that nervous. My kids were so sweet and brought some prizes for me and we spent most of the day reviewing routines and procedures which was a bit exhausting. When I finally left school my throat hurt and my feet were sore but it has gotten better since then fortunately. As I was preparing for the first day I realized how little we were taught about classroom management and doing it by ourself but so far I feel pretty good about how I've taught my students our classroom rules and hopefully they will continue to be receptive. Before I left school there was an announcement on the school speaker stating that I had a surprise waiting in the office for me and I walked in to find a vase of flowers from my parents and brother which was so sweet! 

Wednesday and Thursday were a lot of the same with procedures and getting to know the students and overall I have a pretty good bunch. I know there will be a couple that may be a little bit more challenging than others but that is to be expected with a group full of very social personalities. I've been staying at school pretty late and getting there very early which makes it taxing but helps me to feel better prepared for the following days. Fortunately I remembered to to take pictures of the outfits I've worn which many of you have requested. On Thursday I was able to leave school early enough to make it to Furman's Young Alumni Day Celebration at a local brewery. It was very odd going to a Furman event and not knowing or recognizing everyone but it was fun to catch up with some of our friends who are still in the area. 

top (similar) // skirt // sandals // watch

Yay for a casual Friday. I think our administration was as ready for one as the teachers were.

This weekend I really didn't do much of anything except prepare for the week ahead. As lame and boring as that sounds hopefully it will help me feel ready for my first full week. I am excited to really begin teaching the students since I feel comfortable doing that and will start to feel like we have a better routine going. Friday night Sophia (one of my roommates from the past two years) came over after not seeing each other for a while and we were able to catch up with one another which was great! On Saturday, I finally slept in past 5:15 and was able to do some work in the morning before going to my first cycling class that afternoon with Ellison. Cycle Bar and the Scout Guide teamed up for a free ride so we took advantage of that for a good sweat session. While that's not my normal way to get cardio I definitely could see myself going back to other free classes they offer in the future. 

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I hope your week is off to a great start! 

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