Monday, August 28, 2017

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Finds + $100 Giftcard Giveaway Added Entries

Happy Monday y'all! And if you don't feel that way about Monday just yet you surely will soon with the  Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale beginning today. If you haven't seen my post from Friday full of tips for shopping the Lilly Pulitzer Sale be sure to check that out while waiting for the sale to start.  The After Party Sale is one I look forward to all summer but unfortunately I won't be able to shop it online until this afternoon. For whatever reason I am pretty sure Greenville County School District more than likely blocks shopping on  Lilly Pulitzer's site while on their wifi. shocking I'm sure but I'm going to have to be patient and shop the sale once I finish teaching for the day. While I am definitely jealous of all of you who are able to shop the sale online (hopefully in bed with a cup of coffee in hand) however that makes me even more thankful at the ability to shop the sale in person at Lilly Pulitzer Signature Stores for this year's sale. I was able to go to one of my local favorites, The Pink Bee, and try on a number of pieces featured in the sale and even purchase the ones I found that I couldn't live without. 

I'm sharing some of the Lilly I've worn and loved from this past season since it may be included in the sale. I am also sharing some of my favorite pieces that I tried on at  my local Lilly Store that is included in their sale and will also likely be online. So, make sure you're waiting in Lilly's virtual line  and get ready to see a preview of all of my favorites. I'm also doing my best to include the sizes of the items in case that helps any of you. For reference, I'm usually a 27 in jeans, consistently a 2 in J.Crew bottoms (aside from skirts those are usually a 0), and I like dresses a bit longer for teaching so I usually will get a small or medium depending on the length. 

If you have any other questions about the After Party Sale be sure to see the  FAQ page Lilly made here and you can see  my tips in this post. Also for any of you looking for my Step Into My Week post that usually goes live on Monday that will be up tomorrow for you! 

This is one of the most effortless and comfortable outfits for summer and is a much cuter alternative to running shorts and a t-shirt. I wear this off the shoulder top all the time and it also comes in pink and navy if you find yourself with too many white shirts in your closet. The loose fit of these shorts and the ruffle detail around the edges make them easy to look cute and beat the heat in the summer. I'm wearing the shorts in size 2 and the top in a size small. 

This is not something I would say that I would typically gravitate toward but the ladies at Pink Sorbet, the Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store in Columbia encouraged me to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved how the skirt was high waisted enough to leave a minimal gap between the top and the skirt while still emphasizing the scalloped hem of the top. The only thing that is a bit tricky about this set is that you can't mix and match the sizes of the top and the bottom. I wore this set in a size 0. 

This is probably my favorite Lilly Pulitzer item from this past spring. The brightness of this print with the peplum hem on this dress made it the cutest combination. If this one goes on sale I can't encourage a purchase enough. The halter-esque top ties with tassels in the back and there is a tiny key hole cut out in the front. I found that this dress runs a bit big so instead of a small I went with an XS in this dress. 

I originally tried on this modern shift as an option for graduation but didn't want the fun print to be overshadowed by a boring black robe. This dress is a more flattering and form fitting shift dress and the tassel detail in the middle accentuates your smallest point while making the print a little less overwhelming. I also wore this in a size small. 

Had I not worn white to my high school graduation this would have been my graduation dress. The eyelet layover is so well done and I couldn't love the tassel bottom one bit more. The dress is a bit more youthful than some other Lilly dresses with a small cut out area at the waist that is well balanced by the eyelet on the rest of the dress. I am wearing a 2 in this dress but could have also worn a 0. 

Dressing Room Diaries
Sorry the lighting is a bit off in some of these but I guess that's the beauty of taking iPhone photos in a dressing room. I'm including the price of the items as they were listed at Pink Bee however I would suspect some variety in pricing on Lilly's site. 

Size: Small // Originally $128.00 Sale $49.00

Size: Medium but definitely needed a small or extra small // Originally $138.00 Sale $54.00

Size: Extra Small // Originally $48.00 Sale Unlisted

Size: Small // Originally $138.00 Sale $59.00

Size: Extra Small // Originally $168.00 Sale $59.00

Size: Small // Originally $168.00 Sale $69.00

Size: 2 would want a 4 // Originally $64.00 Sale $29.00

Size: Medium would need small // Originally $58.00 Sale $34.00

Also, don't forget about the  fun giveaway I posted about on my  Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips post! I am also giving y'all an additional way to enter by finding the photo below on my instagram feed and tagging two friends (non celebrity accounts) on it to help share the news! You can comment more than once as long as you are tagging different friends. You  must enter the giveaway here in the original post first though for you instagram comments to be bonuses! The giveaway will close August 30th at midnight so make sure you enter before that! 
I hope this post made you even more excited to shop that sale and that sharing the sizing helped you to figure out which size you may want to try. In case some of the pieces sell out on Lilly's site before you can checkout I am including the names and phone numbers of the two Lilly stores I shop at so that they can help you to find the piece you're looking for at their store!

The Pink Bee | Greenville, SC | | 864-271-4332

Pink Sorbet | Columbia, SC | | 803-251-2525

Happy shopping and be sure to share what you got with me in the comments below! 

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