Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Meal Prep In Your Step: Ground Turkey Taco Bowls

Hi my name is Dorothy and I am not a professional cook or food photographer. In fact, I feel like I have a lot to learn when it comes to both. So, why not practice both right here with y'all in the newest series here on Prep In Your Step. The idea for this started when I was planning out my meals for the week at one point this summer and sent my friends a snapchat of me cooking with the caption "Meal Prep In Your Step." The rest is history. A number of my friends encouraged me to actually share what I have been making with y'all since this may benefit a number of you who are slowly transitioning from the beauty that is a meal plan in college to making your own dishes every day. With a love of puns and "Meal Prep In Yours Step" being all too perfect here I am sharing with you one meal that I eat far too frequently but have yet to get tired of. You'll soon realize in these posts that I either follow a recipe to a T or neglect to look one up all together. For this one we are recipe-less but that's half the fun (and the other half is most certainly eating your creation and looking forward to leftovers). 

Ground Turkey Taco Bowls

When I grocery shop I usually go to Trader Joes since that is where I can find quality ingredients the cheapest. It has become my go-to grocery store leaving me with only a few things to pick up at other places. Pretty much everything for today's recipe can be picked up there and the beauty of this bowl is that you can customize it however you would like which I think is one of the reasons I've yet to get tired of it. 

Ground Turkey (sometimes to mix it up I'll use ground chicken)
Taco Seasoning
Brown Rice (when you want to mix it up use quinoa)
Bell Peppers
Any other favorite taco topping. 

How To Make It
Like I mentioned earlier, this is a recipe-less recipe. If I was bold enough to start my post-grad cooking endeavors with this then that should be proof that this is a breeze to make taking me no more than 15 minutes. Based on the ingredients I buy I can usually make 4 or 5 servings from cooking this once although on occasion I need to make a fresh bag of rice. 

1. Spray cooking pan and place ground turkey to cook in it on medium heat. Add water as needed and sprinkle on some of your favorite taco seasoning. Depending on the amount of ground turkey you purchase I couldn't see this cooking for more than about 10 minutes. You'll want to flip it throughout and once it is browned then you are good to go. 
2. Follow directions on bag or box to cook rice. 
3. Chop bell peppers & avocados.
4. Once the rice and ground turkey are ready place the desired amount in your bowl and top with cheese. 
5. Place additional ingredients into your bowl and enjoy with a Lime La Croix (kidding but it is delicious).

TA DA you have a quick dinner for tonight and some look forward to worthy leftover to pack in your lunch or eat for dinner the rest of this week. It's always a happy sight in the fridge when I make these since it's a colorful meal and so easy to customize to your liking. I'm almost embarrassed to admit just how easy it is to make these and the fact that I could do it with my eyes closed considering I've made this dish at least 10 times. I hope that y'all are excited for this new series and I would love to know any recipes that you adore so that I can try those out as well! 

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