Monday, August 14, 2017

Step Into My Week

One last week before the kids arrive for me. There is still so much to get done before they arrive next Tuesday but having spent 3 days in my classroom this past week it is starting to look a little bit more like a suitable learning environment. With my car loaded up I made my first trip to the room on Tuesday morning (although I had a few meetings to attend that day) and had just as much stuff to unload on Wednesday and Thursday as well. The poor secretaries who kept having to let me in and out of the building were quite impressed by how much stuff I could pack onto my rolling cart to make fewer trips. My classroom is HUGE as it is actually a brand new kindergarten classroom that will be mine for the year as I teach 4th grade. As a first year teacher with fewer supplies and things in general I almost feel guilty for its size and storage but I am already getting attached. I have a long way to go before it feels put together but once I started making visual progress I started to feel a little bit better about how soon the kids come. I shared a lot of progress and silly tidbits on my instagram stories and plan to continue to do so this week but will eventually do a classroom tour on here. I've been shocked to see how many teacher and education majors follow me on instagram since I've been getting the sweetest messages with ideas and encouragement after each classroom story upload. While I'll be sure to share some aspects of teaching and my classroom I definitely do not want this to become a teaching blog as Prep In Your Step has always served as a creative outlet for me. I am planning to maybe talk about my classroom once a week (maybe every other week) but will need to play that by ear. I also plan to share my teaching outfits with y'all (confession: I am proud to be an outfit repeater) and I'm not sure if y'all would want those in their own post or right here in Step Into My Week posts like I did while student teaching. Y'all will just have to let me know. For now, here is my far from finished classroom. 

In addition to trying to get into some sort of routine in the near future (hello a valiant attempt being made to work out, blog, sleep, teach, etc...) I was able to do some fun things throughout this week. I had dinner at Chipotle with my friend Sarah (read her blog here!) on Wednesday and as per usual it was delicious and so fun being able to connect with other creative minds. In Thursday we celebrated my friend Porter's 22nd birthday with wine and appetizers at her apartment. Her mom and sister were even in town for the occasion and it was the perfect laid back way to celebrate after we were all feeling tired from moving boxes and perfecting bulletin boards. 

This is the shirt I am wearing in that photo and wore during some instagram story uploads that y'all were asking about! This weekend I finished up my book, continued to spend money on my classroom (the amount they expect you to supply is borderline insane), and spent a lot of time printing, laminating, and cutting various items. Yesterday we had our first grad class of the fall semester which was made better by getting our schedule for the semester finally and door prizes. I would up with a stapler and staple remover that will look cute on my desk and some fun friends that may make grading work a bit more bearable. The professors, supervisors, and mentors there definitely know the way to teacher' hearts. I think that about wraps it up for last week but hopefully I'll have more photos for you next week! 

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