Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Step Into My Week

I'm back! Sorry for the short break I took on Friday and Monday. I was at home for what felt like the fastest weekend and I was tired so I took a couple of days off from blogging to regroup. I always feel guilty when I do this but I hope that y'all understand. It is my hope to start getting better about planning ahead with blog posts so that as I start teaching I won't have to have it take a back burner. 

This past week has involved a lot of classroom related tasks and today is actually my first day being able to see my room. I am equal parts excited and terrified since I am glad to finally have some of my supplies out of the living room but also know that turning the room into an inviting space will be an undertaking. So, this past week I've been doing what I can to prepare myself before even stepping foot inside. This includes making a ton of labels, laminating just about everything, and still spending way too much money of supplies. 

I ha a new teacher orientation for Greenville County on Tuesday and Wednesday which was long but informative. In all I definitely think it was beneficial and it gave my friends and I the chance to meet other new teachers in Greenville so at least we made some new friends out of it! After each of those days I think all of our to-do lists doubled in size so it was nice to be able to tackle parts of mine while at home. I left super early on Thursday morning and made it back around lunch time which was ideal (considering I was able to take a nap before my parents got home from work).

On Friday I got a haircut and did more teacher-y tasks before heading to dinner with Nell that night. Nell's birthday is this Friday so I planned a little surprise dinner with her friends who were in town at this really yummy restaurant called Five. She was surprised and we had a great time! Saturday morning we went to Barre3 together, walked around downtown, and caught up since we hadn't seen one another since May. The rest of Saturday I spent with my family at home which was so nice! Sunday was pretty similar although we did go to one of my favorite breakfast spots, my grandparents dropped by, and I was able to see a friend who I hadn't seen in 7 months! I left first thing Monday morning so while the trip was short I did pack a lot in which was necessary considering I won't be back home until Thanksgiving. 

All those activities and not a single photo, oops! But I did want to share this really cool print I received with y'all! Jennifer designs map art and sent me this awesome wall print of Greenville that I love. I haven't decided exactly where I want to put it just yet (I feel like it could be really cool in my classroom). It comes in black and white and you can get a number of different places. I think that these would make an awesome gift, especially for anyone headed off to college who you want to take a piece of home with them! Be sure to check out all of the locations done in this style on the Modern Map Art site

This is what my car looks like this morning as I head off with my first load to move into my classroom! 

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