Monday, July 17, 2017

Step Into My Week

How is it already mid-July? When I was reading by the pool this weekend I heard a little girl tell her dad just how much she loves summer to which he told her that this coming Friday she only has a month left. Talk about dream crushing. I seemed a bit more distraught than her though considering there is so much to do in that month to get myself and my classroom ready for a bunch of fourth graders. 

There is nothing too exciting to report from the past week aside from surviving my first full week of classes. It's crazy to think that we are a the midterm of this session of grad school. With some assignments and quizzes this week it definitely felt like it picked up a bit. Fortunately for us though we were able to escape from the school work during our lunch break to shop Amazon Prime Day and the Nordstrom Sale. 

I was definitely tired towards the end of the week from early (and some very early) wake ups but I slept so much this weekend that I sure hope that I made up for that. Friday we only had our morning class so I was able to grab lunch with a friend who also blogs (her blog is Strikes of Luck) at Up on the Roof. I had been there the previous weekend for drinks with friends and am already desperate to go back since their food menu was incredible. I got the honey soy chicken lettuce wraps and ate every single one, they were that good! Afterwards I went to one of my favorite coffee places, Caviar & Bananas to respond to emails and work through some blog stuff. When I am doing some of the monotonous stuff related to my blog I like to treat myself to a cup of coffee some place other than my apartment since it definitely helps to motivate me to get it done. 


The rest of this weekend I mainly laid low. A number of my friends were out of town so I watched some movies and Netflix while working on content. Definitely a quiet weekend. I did however, start shopping for my classroom. I went to a place called School Spot and was able to get some borders for the bulletin boards and found some great organizational bins to use from Dollar Tree. I think finding books to fill my classroom library is what I am most concerned about now although there is so much stuff in general that will need to be purchased in order to outfit my classroom. If you have any suggestions of where to find cheap books (I have a number of sets that seem like a good deal in my eBay cart) then definitely let me know and if you would like to donate to my classroom I've made a go fund me here: Support Miss Walton's First Classroom.

Also, I've started to do Instagram Stories and was surprised by how many of y'all messaged me to tell me that you'd love to see more of those so be sure to follow me on Instagram (@prepinyourstep) as I begin to do more of those for y'all! Lately I know it has been Nordstrom Sale heavy but I promise it won't always be that way! I wore this shirt in the instagram story I did last week and so many of y'all asked about it that I thought it would be easiest to put the link of where to find it here! I have discovered that is is currently sold out but fingers crossed they re-stock it in both blue and white

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I hope that your Monday is a good one! 

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