Tuesday, July 25, 2017

101 in 1001 Update

Lat summer, I made a list of 101 things that I am hoping to accomplish in 1001 days. Since it has been about a year since I made that list I thought now was as good a time as any to check in on my progress. My dad actually gave me the idea for this post since when we were coming home from the beach one weekend in May he asked me how it was going. In all honesty, it's something that I sometimes have a tendency to forget about. A number of goals on the list are things that I've wanted to do for a while and those ones are easy to remember but the reminder to check the list was a good one for some of the more abstract ones. After going through and crossing off a number of items I thought it would be fun to share a few of those with you. If you are looking for the full list and some background on the idea definitely check out this post

Go a week without hitting snooze (April 2017)
Sophia spent the night at my apartment this weekend and for the first time saw just how many alarms I have on my phone. If I had to estimate it's about 100. I am fully aware of how ridiculous that is especially when she told me she makes a new one every morning. Most of my alarms are set about 3 minutes apart which definitely doesn't encourage to get out of bed when the first of my many alarms goes off. So, as silly as this goal sounds it was a pretty exciting one to accomplish! Ever since junior year I definitely haven't prioritized sleep as I should (it has gotten a lot better though) so waking up on my first alarm for a week gave me motivation to go to bed at a decent time. Maybe I need to apply this goal to a longer period of time and see how it goes! 

Post to my blog instagram everyday for a month (May/June 2017)
I am so lucky to have had my blog grow in the way it has over the years. I truly love sitting down to write posts and create content however since it isn't my full time job this can be tricky. There is so much that goes into each post and behind the scenes things that you may not even think about so sometimes something as simple as posting an instagram gets pushed to the back burner in order to prioritize getting a post live or responding to emails. When I was home in May I was able to devote so much time to blogging and loved that! Because I got to treat blogging as a full time job/hobby it was a lot easier to have fun images to share with y'all on instagram which definitely helped me to post at least once each day! 

Join a blog group relevant to my posts (May 2017)
I've been wanting to join a blog group to connect with other bloggers for some time now and finally found one I was really excited about! I joined The Blog Societies this past May and have already had my posts featured on there twice! If you've never heard of The Blog Societies definitely check it out, if you like my blog you'll love the content they post

Share blog more openly with real life friends (Senior Year)
Something y'all may not know is that when I started my blog I told no one (aside from my parents since I was in high school and kind of felt like I needed permission). Eventually during senior year I told my best friend and at the start of college I told Nell about it (which if you haven't seen this confession she made you need to read about that) but I did not want people to put me in a box as the girl with a blog. I wrote one college application on the topic but other than that in my mind it was hush hush. Something about doing something so different and the judgement that could come with that overshadowed the fact that it was something I loved doing and was really proud of. Fast forward a few years and nowadays I definitely am a lot more open about it. I don't turn bright red when people bring it up and if someone were to judge me for having it I probably wouldn't let it bother me too much since I am so proud of what I've been able to do because I decided to go for it. My friends think it is cool and come to my events to support me and ask me questions because they are genuinely interested and not because they are interning judging just how strange it is. I ran into my soccer coach one day at Public last summer and he stood there confused as to why I hadn't told anyone about it in high school since he thought it was so cool. Clearly I've grown up a lot since starting this blog but it's still not something I share that much on my personal Facebook or Instagram but my confidence in talking about it with others has definitely increased. I even had my friends share what it's like to be friends with a blogger in this post

Get a job out of college (May 2017)
Whew talk about a relief! I'll be teaching fourth grade in about a month and am equal parts terrified and excited. It definitely was nice walking across the stage at graduation to get my diploma knowing what is next! 

I have a lot of progress to be made in the family and friends part of my list as well as the travel part which are two of the most fun sections so hopefully I can start tackling those soon! If you've made a 101 in 1001 list and have it posted somewhere definitely leave me the link to check it out below! I'd love to be able to hold one another accountable! 

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